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Cheap Tricks 41 Preview at Patreon

How nice I've reached 400 patrons :D

If you are as crazy as them into supporting my work you'll be able to see the preview for the next chapter, back at the Dorm District Public Pool.

No ETA for this chapter yet, I'm slowing down, but it comes out next month.
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i really can't wait anymore, so excited!!

Bruh when will it come out I want it 🥲

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this weekend

Oh, I can't wait, is it going to release today??

I think tomorrow. Not sure tho just my guts

When cheap tricks 3 ?????!

Okay, but how big you are gointg to let them be?

Cate to indulge us what will have in store for us?

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Stay at home order was suspended, the giantesses are back at the city and they visit their district public pool and were stopped by Paul. Then we have a flashback :P

How big they will grow?

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For now we will have no growth yet, I'm still adjusting background and plot.

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Awesome, hope to see Karina gets huge soon ;)

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It's crazy to think that even though Jessica is one of the biggest giantess, her legs are shorter than lil Van knees

True that and hopefully they is only going to get bigger.:love:

Jessica seems to be put forward, she wants more popularity to grow even more maybe? if this is true, i hope it will come true.

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