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Cheap Tricks 40 Teaser

Even so big, Vanessa is still able to enter her living room, she thinks it is cozy... though she can't stand straight at any of the house's rooms...

This is an old request that more than one reader asked, comparing her against the chandelier, letting clear she more than doubled her height last season, dwarfing all of her other proportions in the way, with ass and tits so round and overstuffed that it is almost comical.

Next chapter will speak about how she got used to it at the same time she will face some consequences, but it will be online only by the end of this month.

Bmtbguy's Cheap Tricks is a free comic you can read for free in my site at… and at galleries.

And again, thanks to you all who are supporting me by buying my comics at my site… and supporting me at Patreon, despite of this year being a bit crazy, the new workflow is helping me do keep writing and creating while releasing, I'm still working a lot but the support helps a lot and I'm able to deliver at least 150 renders/month between stories and tests, what makes me very happy.

This render was released last week at with the pack of tests on Vanessa entering her house by the front door, the idea of a Patron I got working because this chapter needed a hard fix at the house scene, so, it is fun making it when posible :D
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are there any other websites where you post your comics other than gtsartists?

I am asking because your latest comics don't work there,either there is an error and the page does not open or I see a list of pictures and I have to open them one by one.

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Sure, at my site:

They work as a gallery, so, easy to read. Unfortunately no transition effect :P

BUT there are some of the older comics still available only at GTSartists, if you find any of them not working just tell me.

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domina's valley is not working there either.

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Domina's Valley is a paid comic that makes all this universe posible. You can buy it here:

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I am aware that the domina's valley series are payed comics,but I am talking about the free one(the one in your website in the bottom of the"free"page and the one on gtsartists)

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I didn't make the whole page yet... After investing so much time on the first part (cheap tricks 1 and season 3) my schedule got very tight, so, I had to go back to the stories. As soon I get some time I may revisit the page and complete the galleries.

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actually never mind,the problem has been solved,now that I click on it,it takes me to gtsartists and the pictures show up normally now.

I do not understand, last time we see her in that room, her head was juste close to the celling

I do not understand, last time we see her in that room, her head was juste close to the celling

If she has more spurts like that, she'll begin reaching the heights at the end of chapter 38

Eita nois , baguio vai ser bom

my giant life - Vanessa

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Wow Q otimo é minha serie favorita!!! Qtas paginas vai ter?

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Any growth in this chapter?

bmtbguy's avatar

Unfortunately not...

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Unfortunately I think most of it stopped when part 3 ended :(

Will there be Jessica or Phoebe in chapter 40

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This chapter is mostly focused on Vanessa and plot.

Jessica and Phoebe have minor participation.

Hard to imagine Jessica or Phoebe being "minor" lol

Good job. Will we see Marina in chapter 40?

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Unfortunately not. Her drafted arc is far for happening yet.

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I can’t wait for this

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