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Cheap Tricks 2 Teaser

The plan is simple: grab the bewbs tight, but with love.
Feel the trick working ;D

Releases this weekend.
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Can I say my opinion about this remake and such?

This is a piece of history, you should leave like it is. 😁

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I somehow agree.

But the story didn't age well, so, a little remake keeping all it had and fixing stuff won't hurt ;)

Please make marina drain height add it in please! haha x

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poor Phoebe always getting her boobs grabbed or stared at too long

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Hi! This is a very good new. Did you make a remaster of all the chapters of Cheap Tricks 2 ? This is my favorite one from you. :)

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This is the remake of the old "chapter one" - notice that I'm renumbering the chapters.

I'm remaking only Season 1 for now, one chapter every 4 months, Season 2 is very big and I'm not even thinking of remaking it yet.

Though I might remake all chapters that are below some standards of visual or text, I just need time for that.

Jyminish-Comics's avatar

Okay! Thank you for answering. :)

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