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Brace yourselves, Summer is coming!



It is getting hot in here!

After dealing with my cold, about 3 days completely wasted, I managed to make a final push at Cheap Tricks 40 and put it to rest for a while - luckily I was able to catch up to the schedule for this one.

While I dive back at Domina's Valley 27 I'm feeling much better and in love with Giselle again 'cause, you know, she is a spectacle anywhere she goes, and with a bikini, man, I love to turn the world around her... (tits :P).

I wonder if I'll be ever able to do stuff as I do now after the pandemic, I mean, will I be able to take a look at this every day as I do now? Time will tell if I'll be able to keep up at this pace, but we may have at least more 6 months before any real opening here, so, let's go back to the GTS.

The flashbacks for DV27 are kinda going well into the plot, I like the freedom of showing stuff I wanted to show earlier, but now it will have some context around it. Or not, haha.

On the drafting/assembling and posing count I have at least 100 confirmed panels at the pool part of the chapter - the only complete 3D scenes I have - so, there's a very high risk of sending the Jessy's part straight to chapter 28 to fill in the plot continuation. I know, it is sad, but there's stuff to be edited and assembled at her scenes, and plot script of course, so, idk, let's see how it goes until the final script.

General reminder, the preview of this chapter comes June 12 exclusive to Patrons, while Cheap Tricks release comes at June 20 free for all, PLUS version for Patrons.

Enjoy the Summer! (While I sneeze into oblivion on Winter here, haha)

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My god, I can't imagine how hard it must be to write who ends up with who in this story. I want so many of the girls to end up with Tyson haha.