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Beware the Giantess Milfs

I finally finished them!

If you're not aware of who they are, take a look here:…

First we have Wendy (renamed) on her adorable green summer dress, her much older husband Brian, Madison (renamed) and her best friend Lauren, then, Lauren's parents Becca, my mains inspiration, and her husband Brandon.

Wendy is perfect since my last update on her, so, only the name and the dress were fixed, Maddie had her hair exchanged and I'm almost there on the face department, Lauren and Becca were on their 6th versions already but now I could finish them since I found the facial features I wanted (kinda), build and clothes as well, while Brandon was created more naturally working on the first version.

About characterization, needless to say the I will troll Lauren a lot for I love her "victim face", Wendy came out MUCH more powerful than I intended in the beginning, Becca may win fans on her more active behavior than just size, Maddie looks adorable, Brian and Brandon went out as Businessman tired of working and an ex-athlete that thanks to his wife's working and taking most of the responsibilities he is able to keep a more comfortable life.

I think I manged to make them relatable to a very rich family and a middle class one, so, all looking good ^^.

They are ready to play with us as soon I decide to pose something with them, so, as the first render of the "main cast" I'd like to hear what you guys think.

Other characters like Tets, Bitanny and Crystal I'll let for later :P

PS - The guys are 6' tall, so, know that the daughters are not "short".
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Are you going to make this a comic? I'm very excited for this, you always bring the best stuff!

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Yes, they will help me to glue together the universe of Cheap Tricks and Domina's Valley.

Brian is a very VERY lucky man.

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Welcome back, I very much hope that you have recovered well and are healthy again. :D

Please excuse the stupid and ignorant question, but how old are Madison and Lauren? I know you've done a lot work for the models and the story, for me personally from the face and perspective, Madison looks 32 and Lauren looks 26. I don't really into MILF content (from time to time it's okay). so I didn't read your story with 16 chatpers "Milf - Motherly Unexplicable Luscious Figure" for now. :sorry:

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Thanks ^^, but I'm kinda working behind the scenes for a while already, but there's so much work that it is impossible to release anything before preparing the foundations...

Madison and Lauren are 19, in my calculations, so they look older due to the render and style, because Maddie is a "mature for her age" girl on the dressing department - because she likes fancy clothes that hide her boobs- but still needs some face edits because depending on the lighting her face looks strange, at the same time, to me, Lauren looks a bit too young on a close up, but the ass is that large because she is an athlete, so, IRL I've seen a lot of them.

The story is mainly focused on Becca and Wendy, and sure I can understand that milfs is not for everyone - me myself aren't into them plus the fact I think the "milf" word is kinda ugly/offensive - but when I think in some girls I met that were mothers already while on their 20's, I can tell you that outside the stereotype you would find yourself into them without knowing. Also, Becca and Wendy are not even on their 40's so, nice material ^^.

No prob, I may even change the name of the story, I just kept the Milf thing for a reference, something I won't need as their story merge into my GTS universe.

Wendy sounds like a future Vanessa

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She has a HUGE potential, lol

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Amazing! :hug:

Giantess Milfs are the best :love:

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As I said before, when done at the right time they come the best.

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Milfs should be the biggest always to have a perfect world ;)

Nice ans it looks awesome. So Harriet is now Madison and Rachel is Wendy. I can't wait to see their sugar relation as both were my favorite characters.

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Me too. I'm anxiously waiting for the day I'll finally have Wendy teasing people.

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