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A little look at Eden's new Bikini + Schedule



I liked a lot making this small render series with the rising power from Domina's Mountains, Eden.

After posting the last render of her at Pateron and the public teaser, now I'm investing some time at DV 27 and planning the following chapter while resting my mind from CT40 works.

For DV27 it has begun easy to go, it was depending on finishing the Tyson scene and would have the pool scene as an addendum, but you know what happens when I'm re-scripting and building the final product - stuff grows - and I have to weave and build a part of the plot yet, so, I'm not sure I'll be able to deliver all scenes, maybe I'll set them in the next chapter so it would make more sense.

I won't stick into chapter number per season anymore. Instead of killing scenes I'd like to make, if it can't be finished in time or done properly I will send it to the next chapters. Deal.

You can wait for some of the old unreleased ones to be re-scripted and shown as a flashback here and there, after all, I already said it worked in one stance, I want to she the other :P

Still, it will all depend on the development of the pool scene where things are working better than they should - I'm not even using the old draft, most of it is being discarded as I re-imagine the scene on the new universe, you'll get after CT 40 because of a small plot point.

The schedule is shrinking as I spend more time doing stuff around while drafts and tests are having less and less works on the last months, so, his is what I have:
• Mid June - Domina's Valley 27 preview (Patreon) and teaser (public)
• Late June - Cheap Tricks 40 release (free comic)
• Mid July - Cheap Tricks 2 remake (to be confirmed)
• Late July - Domina's Valley 27 release • Vacation? IDK, hehe.

Now I'm going to prepare stuff for rendering, lunch and have some rest.

I have high hopes for the next months as I'm eager to evaluate the script of the next remake of Cheap Tricks and the drafts of the story-line, fingers crossed.

See ya!

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Are we going to see more of Eden with Tyson? Jesse's more direct teasing and Eden's growing confidence, seems that could be a fun rivalry for Tyson to be in middle of.