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The moment you find out you've been using something the wrong ways since always. I fucking suck at 3D, lol.
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Call me crazy, but transferring my 3D content to an exclusive NVME and having the system in another NVME speeded up DRASTICALLY my loading, saving and unloading files from memory in Daz. This crap is expensive but, on a fresh installation, dude, it is saving a lot of time here...
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Just a thought. An auto-crytical one. The recent OF debacle wasn't simply about a problem of terms of use or banking rules, it denounced the hypocrisy of our society. PH's purge was too but, this is for other time. Everybody knows MCard IS responsible for the "cancelling" of a wide variety of people inside content platforms and whole platforms as well, we also know banks see anything spicy or "different of acceptable" as wrong so they don't want to have any link to them. But they have no problems issuing cards, holding money or making massive transactions in name of filed criminals, terrorists, corrupt politicians and even countries who officially execute non heterosexual people by default, treat women as less than objects, who even die on public executions with stones (sorry, I don't get the name of the ritual), have concentration camps and other horrible things that, man, I'll just stop mentioning. In the end, maybe, just maybe, after this fiasco, society recognized 0.1% of its
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hey I was wondering if you still use 3delight as your engine and whats the settings can we talk in chat


It is not anything new, one ambient light (Uber or AOA), a couple of key lights depending on the scene (infinite or spot) and a lot of fine tuning but it also requires a lot of knowledge in shading and texture to make it match, and for that I have at least 10 different 3Delight compatible surface shaders I mix here and a hell of other tweaks.

For the settings you must take a look online and find what works best for you, it is a bit impossible to cover light as a tutor with the amount of work have now, also talking about surfaces (shader/texture) is a whole other thing, so, I could give you a tip or two when you get stuck but I really recommend building your knowledge online first, there are a lot of info available at Daz Forums and on the internet.

Hey, I'm just wondering. What is the bathroom situation like in their household? you know like showers, sinks, toilets

Considering the unified universe, there's a "domina sized", most common in Domina's Valley, of course, where stuff comes in sizes about 50% bigger than normal, so, you would get appliances and other things in a bigger size, this covers most stuff in their life.

It is also common pairs of toilets with different sizes.

Otherwise, stuff is custom made, and if you're a giantess, or you know people who makes customs, like Tony does, or you're rich. Or you live in Domina's Valley where a big part of the population is bigger than average...

Like this:

Hey, how big is Tony's dick now and what is Vanessa's cup size

Vanessa cup size can't be measured in normal standards, to be honest I ain't aware of most of the cup sizes there... gotta fina a way to measure them.

As for Tony, well, I'm not exactly too curious about that, but he might have about 20 inches of dick. Dude, that's a lot...

I've just reread Cheap tricks and Domina's valley and I just realized we never got any measurements for B-w-h on these girls. Could you tell me I'm honestly wondering?