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Lately I've been looking a bit more into the requests and I've been capable of working in some of them, meaning more render sets will be released in the future (probably less posts but lots more renders in the end). The effort into getting the scenes and assets converted is paying out: it means projects faster to assemble and more time to develop the scene. Despite of that, this month I will focus on finished scenes only, so I can rest a little bit my brain: my content may look to be getting laser focused, but the truth is that stuff is all over the place here, I can't even write them properly because some are spoilers and because I begin testing or developing a scene and forget it in my assets folder, just to be seen again on the next organization, haha... crap. At least I've been able to do art, out of nowhere, then in a couple of days (sometimes same day), release a new render set. And yes, sometimes I don't say anything for days and don't even have short term bonusses listed in
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Health is improving, so is the working pace: even having some intensive days of conversions this month again we have 2 chapters right in schedule, fulfilling my baseline and the Big Patrons Extra, and this is amazing! I still have those rough days from time to time, but they're less frequent and I jump back better, so, everything is evolving. As you can see the whole schedule is slowly shrinking, the reason is that the monthly chapters became the main focus, closely followed by the conversion/fixes of scenes and assets, then stories tests and preparations, just then the requests. I know, it is a mess, a lot of the work I do can't be seen, but it is a very efficient mess: the fact I went from a 200 non-final renders per month to a full comic + X version + animation + Extra mini comic + render set + extra renders + converting stuff, proves that it is working amazingly, and every month I feel more used to iray, more used to the workflow and I do less and less adjustments to it. The
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This came a little late, haha. Schedule in real time at DISCORD. NCA 2 - Height chart Attack of the 50-foot-or-so Dee-Dee Before-After - Tina X Before-After - Tina Cheap Tricks 3 Remake - Preview 1 Domina's Valley 29 Mini Spoiler - BIG PATRONS Daddy's Car Render Set - 4K and X-Variant Daddy's Car Render Set - FHD A New Chapter, an old story. Giantess Dream BPE 1 - Big Patron's Exclusive Giantess Dream NCA 2 – Warehouse - ULTIMATE Giantess Dream NCA 2 – Warehouse - X and PLUS Giantess Dream NCA 2 – Warehouse - STANDARD AI Dreams - WHO? (Big Patrons only) AI Dreams - Some more Audrey - X AI Dreams - Some more Audrey NCA Roster - Aunts - BIG Clouse up NCA Roster - Aunts Big Patrons Exclusive 1 - Teaser NCA2 Final Preview Before-after - Electra X-Variant Before-after - Electra NCA Catwalk Extra render AI Dreams - Ana Melissa X AI Dreams - Ana Melissa NCA Catwalk Roster test - Blondes - BIG CLOSEUP NCA Catwalk Roster test - Blondes NCA2 Preview - X-Variant Before after - Marcella -
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When do you plan on adding to cheap tricks?

no eta for any comic, I'm fixing stuff irl, can't think about plot

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Hard to tell the potential from browsing the gallery, I believe that art is more about doing something you and other people like. Still, as an artist, i believe there's has room to grow there. I'd consider a review on the overly young/aged looks 'cause on 3D it is nice to make bodies and faces have some look-alike feeling AND not look cartoonish compared to each other (unless that's the objective of the comic), give a more natural/non symmetrical treatment to poses/camera angles and, the hardest part to most artists/models IMO, facial expression. Of course, everyone has their own style, I respect that, but that's what I would recommend.

Thank you for the emerald. You're too kind.:#1:

Congratulation 6000 watchers! You deserve a lot more! :hug:

thanks for your amazing work and to many more years in which you grow girls and her boobs into Giantess size and maybe even more. :D

hopefully soon especially Jessica from CT. :love:

Thank you, I guess, hehe ^^'