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Recent piece done as assignment for architecture Hardy Fowler course.

I had to take a break becasue of some issues with my back followed by bad mood and small motivation to draw. Right now I'm getting fully working again and managed to finish this drawing. I went for darker mood (as all my recent pieces were pretty colorful/cheerish). I wanted to give it more cinematic vibe and see how it is going to turn out. Every feedback is very welcome :)
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Oh wow, I love all the little details like the spiderwebs and the individual floor panels, it really brings the whole thing together ❤️

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Thanks, I've had trouble of how much of these things to put in - I could spend hours on it. Just decided this piece was done mostly for learning purposes anyways so room can look a little bit empty but I don't know if that's something bad in here.

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Interesting combination of contemporary and slight sci-fi elements in the scene. Also like the brutalistic motifs of the windows. What's the blue glowing thing on the wall on the right?

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Thank you very much - while drawing that blue thing I mostly thought about some kind of thermostat kind of thing. Just wanted to indicate more futuristic setting with this hologram.

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A really nice symmetry to the way you've framed the plant and person in the windows--I particularly enjoy the silhouette of the plant.

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Thank you :) That's really nice to hear - I wasn't sure of it's placement but kind of fell it suits the composition so I gave it a try.

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Awesome, looks like an old fashioned styled interior house looking out into a futuristic world.

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Thanks, I wanted to give that vibe of an old fashioned person living in futuristic world, didn't know if the clues of futuristic world weren't too subtle.

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Thank you :)

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You've created an amazing atmosphere! I love how the light filters in. You've definitely captured a moment in this piece!

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Thanks very much, I'm glad you liked the lighting - I've got many issues with that, spent some time figuring out how bright the sunbeams supposed to be.

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