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SunFlow 3rd and 5th edition

By bmrpeal
Here is the final version of SunFlow, for Nokia Series 60 3rd and 5th edition.

The zip file contains two files:

- Sunflow.sis (this is the 3rd edition version - only 71KB).
- Sunflow 5th.sis (this is the 5th edition version - only 67KB).

Themes are 100% SVG. Some elements of the theme are not displayed, because Carbide UI have known issues with this elements. In the phone works propertly.

Special thanks to all the people that have tested the preview version of the theme!

This is the last theme i will publish on DeviantART. Next will be announced here, but will be published in another site.

All the people that want to be a BETA TESTER of this upcoming themes website, can send me a mail, and i will send back the invitations.

Best regards!


Ésta es la versión final del tema SunFlow para Nokia Series 60 3ª y 5ª edición.

El archivo zip contiene dos archivos diferentes:

- Sunflow.sis (ésta es la versión para Series 60 3ª edición - sólo 71KB).
- Sunflow 5th.sis (ésta es la versión para Series 60 5ª edición o táctiles - sólo 67KB).

Los temas son 100% SVG. Algunos elementos no se muestran, porque CARBIDE UI tiene problemas conocidos con la vista previa de dichos elementos. Sin embargo, funcionan perfectamente en el teléfono.

¡Agradezco enormemente a toda la gente que ha probado la PREVIEW del tema, y me ha dado sus comentarios sobre el mismo!

Éste es el último tema que publico en DeviantART. Los próximos serán anunciados aquí, pero podrán descargarse desde otro sitio.

Si quieres convertirte en un BETA TESTER de ésta nueva web dedicada a temas para móviles, sólo tienes que enviarme un e-mail y te mandaré la invitación ;-)

© 2009 - 2021 bmrpeal
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good work, great theme indeed.
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Thanks buddy!
Also i noticed tat while we enter in to the 'menu' from the 'standby' screen,the signal & battery indicators are displayed in a kind of separate box like panel.
It would be much better if the whole of 'menu' items & the signal & battery indicators are displayed using a 'Single' backdrop..
Hope u r getting wat i am trying to say..
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Hello sridar69, in first stage, thanks for comment and give me your feedback.

The problem you describes, is a known issue and i'm working to solve it. In a few hours, i will update the theme with some minor changes, like horizontal navi-panes and clock.

I will notice you when i publish the new theme.
Great work dude..
Like arthurwill i hav difficulty wit the clock.. i use nokia E51.. I use a digital clock & presently i get a light green colour for clock,signal & battery indicators..
I personally feel that if it was 'White' or some colour tat goes well with the wall paper it would be more amazing..
Dude pls send me the invitation too..
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Ok, to send you an invitation, i need your name, country, age and e-mail.

To care your privacy, don't publish them here, please send me an e-mail to my public account (, and i will send back the invitation. Thanks for colaborate!
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Ah you finally released it ;) great work mate.
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Thanks friend!
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hey if u modify it for e71 plz post too want!
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yes, i will modify for e71 but... it will not be published here, it will be published on my new themes website.

If you like to be a beta-tester of the site, just tell me and i send you an invitation!
I want sunflow for my E71...
but... i would prefer a black& grey combination instead of the current blue & white combination...
the green seems fine to me... :)
i would appreciate if ~bmrpeal can customize it for me... :)
bmrpeal's avatar
Hello pitrelli, and thanks for comment!

As i say you with the Sunflow preview, i need your mail to send you any customization of the theme. Simpy your mail is not showing in your devArt profile.

So, please, tell me your e-mail, and when i have a little bit of free time, i send you a custom edition.
my email:

waiting for your custom edition... for my E71...
btw... please keep the screen resolution of E71 in mind... as the current sunflow theme graphics appear to be stretched...
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Another good color combination. The theme looks clean. Well done.

Just a question tho, will the analogue clock visible on S60 3rd Ed phones? It looks to me the white handle can be quite hard to see when it overlaps with the white circle (roughly from 4-8 pm) ... but can't say for sure without testing it on the phone.
bmrpeal's avatar
Hello arthurwill, thanks for comment!

The analogue colck is visible well on my N73 phone, BUT, there are so many differences between Series 60 3rd editio Feature Pack 1 and 2. I don't know if my n73 is FP1 or FP2 (due to the constant firmware updates).

Please, test the theme in your phone, and if you have any issues, tell me and i will fix it.

Thanks again, and best regards!
arthurwill's avatar
I tested the theme on N95. It's probably my personal preference for clock to be clearly visible on first sight. So ... no worries. :)
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Ok, in anycase, i will change the sun "reflection" of the standby image, because usability is my priority when i make a theme. Thank you very much for testing!
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