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Hey everyone, if you really like my art you should add my page on Facebook and share it. Trying to get a little more exposure, plus it would help me out a lot. If you have one yourself drop it below I'll check it out myself. Thanks again!

Stock Usage Rules

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 27, 2012, 4:10 PM
"I grant all Deviant Artists permission to use my stock in any and all DeviantArt Prints without restriction."
You are encouraged to post a link to your use of the stock on the comment area of each image, so others can see your work. (I'd like to see it too!)
If you need to reach me urgently contact me via notes here on DeviantArt

You are required to give me appropriate credit as the photographer where and however possible. My stock is free to use, at least credit me. You can drop a link to the original or to my page in your description - it's your responsibility to acknowledge if my work contributes to yours.

If you violate any of these rules or violate any of my copyrights you are prohibited entirely, forever, from using any of my stock in any way, shape, or form - commercially or otherwise. No appeals and no amount of begging will help; decisions are final.

1. Read my rules
2. You are required to give me appropriate credit as photographer where and however possible.
3. You are allowed to repost works based on my stock in other places
but please maintain a credit to me where appropriate and possible.
4. Do not simply upload them to a pay site. These images are for photocompositors and artists; they are not to be used as content in and of themselves.
5. If you want to do something commercial with one of my shots it helps if you tell me first.
6. These images are un-retouched; intended as raw stock.

Any further questions? Ask via note.
If you ask a question already on here I probably won't reply.

Totally stole mjranum-stock's stock rules. Check him out.

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Thank You!

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 16, 2012, 5:28 PM
I wanted to put this journal entry up to thank everyone. I've recently received a lot of attention on my photos and other art. There is a lot of people giving amazing feedback and constructive criticism that I really enjoy and can use. That's not to say I don't love the other comments that say how wonderful or beautiful something is too. Appreciate all of it, thanks to everyone who's favorited, commented, viewed, or watched me!

On another note I've been using Get Watchers a lot recently. Lets just say I was amazingly surprised when I came home the other day to see my feedback messages piled up with comments and favorites. If you haven't tried it and want your work to get out there you should try it! My referral link is here if you want to use it. Helps me out and helps you out. If you don't use it I won't complain. (:

I thought I'd throw in some awesome work I've seen while using it - So here's some free recognition to the other great artists here on DA.


and over the mountains by Sepheralis Window by Flaming-Sunset:thumb307969264: Little snail by DragonflyAndromeda bird by cloe-patra Seagulls at sunset by Jezvi waterdrops_150 by h3design Vegetarian Sheep by xflorian Am I cute ? by Arunaudo Fire Salamander by Menekah Floating Water Drops by Jensostrem Tranquility 2 by SorenWrang:thumb307099745: My Place by demonflair Yellow Everywhere by gendosplace

Mature Content

rage possession by masterBo
No Speedlimit! by 2-0-1-9:thumb291534033: Take a Sweet Picture by naked-in-the-rain Wishing you, Good Luck! by leelloor Passion by LadyCarnal Spike by Spiritofdarkness:thumb307106922: Yoni versus the Venice Cats by Pryate Landscape 2 by Arunaudo Tanzanie by Bibidef Cat looks through the window by Arunaudo Dessert Island by heysugarboom And Sun...My Enemy Sun... by LastOfThePlagues Passive Aggressive [PA] by madjarov Tattoo Commission by Asfahani Asian Wizard by BramLeegwater rainbow II by Amy-Sun:thumb83496945: Elysian Bridge by AnnMarieBone:thumb274125981::thumb138103396::thumb269799604: After by sootzy Little Creatures 106 by Frank-Beer:thumb308365746: just me by JaSemHendrix Mountain by Superminimalizm:thumb306326763::thumb308308254::thumb292660342: Sim City Classic by FabledCreative A certain shade of Green by Arunaudo It all ends by WeRC5:thumb280787230::thumb293829659: Desolate by tanikel Come Closer... by tanikel Clouds by JennLynnBachman I feel the darkness... by Menekah Bug by JennLynnBachman Street Fighter 25th POCKET Anniversary by DasGnomo I Love Heroes by DasGnomo Ceiling of art by ludovitNASTISIN Inside the St. John by ludovitNASTISIN Beautiful city of Rome by ludovitNASTISIN Sweet summer. by SofieCFriis Snow flower. by SofieCFriis A beam of life piercing the sky. by SofieCFriis

Devious Journal Entry

Sat Dec 17, 2011, 7:43 PM

(Last Updated: Monday, December 17th, 2011)


This journal contains everything you need or want to know about my photographic art.


Check out my photography galleries! Here are a few examples:
Photography Gallery |  Macro Photography Gallery  |  Black and White Photography

Mini Moss Forest by Bmor-Creative Tiger Lily by Bmor-Creative Small World by Bmor-Creative Tiger Lily Two by Bmor-Creative Flamingos by Bmor-Creative FZA27 by Bmor-Creative Jenny by Bmor-Creative DEC07_11 by Bmor-Creative RPZA14 by Bmor-Creative DEC10_2 by Bmor-Creative BZA10 by Bmor-Creative DEC07_2 by Bmor-Creative BP_3 by Bmor-Creative Orange Flower Three by Bmor-Creative Old Paper by Bmor-Creative


This is a list of the gear I use in my photography

Camera Body:
Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Is Type II Lens
Canon 85mm f/1.8 Series EF Telephoto Lens
Canon EF-S 55-250 mm - F/4.0-5.6 Telephoto Zoom Lens

Dolica MT-700 65-Inch Video Tripod with Hydraulic Fluid Head


Photography groups that I am in and you may find my work in aswell.
:iconskyandnatureclub: :iconphotographersclub: :iconilovephotographyclub: :iconda-revolution: :iconyoung-photo-club: :iconall-types-art: :iconfujifilm-global: :iconeliteartists: :iconunknown-artists-club: :iconmonofacture:


The following journal entries feature one or more of my photographs.
The Under-appreciated of April 2010 - part 1:groups: SkyAndNatureClub :groups:
Hello dear members and non-members :wave: how are you ? :)
As you know by now :iconskyandnatureclub: features the Under-appreciated: submissions under 100 :+fav:.
"Under-appreciated Submissions" News Articles are submitted twice a month! :woohoo:
:bulletred: We are hoping that the submissions below would get more comments and faves. :w00t: They deserve more than that :nod: Please take the time to Comment OR/AND Fave these submissions, as it will mean a lot to them and to us :aww:
:bulletred: For your information, those submissions are chosen from the gallery folder April 1st - 14th 2010 [Rose]
[Bullet; Red] To join this group, please read this blog!
[Star!] Enjoy! [Star!]
Flowers, Plants & Macro:

The Under-appreciated of November 2011 - part 2:groups: :iconskyandnatureclub: :groups:
Hello dear members and non-members :wave: how are you ?
As you know the SkyAndNatureClub features the Under-appreciated: submissions which have less than 100 :+fav:s.
"Under-appreciated Submissions" News Articles are submitted twice a month! :woohoo:
:bulletred: We are hoping that the submissions below would get more comments and faves. They deserve more than that :nod: Please take the time to Comment OR/AND Fave these submissions, as it will mean a lot to them and to us :aww:
:bulletred: For your information, those submissions are chosen from the gallery folder November 16th - 30th 2011 :rose:
[Bullet; Red] To join this group, please read this blog!
:iconlovesplz: Enjoy!
Flowers, Plants & Macro:


If you need any other information please contact me through a note or message on my profile.

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Space Art Resource

Thu Jun 17, 2010, 6:41 PM

(Last Updated: Monday, December 17th, 2011)


I wanted to keep a spot where all my space art can be located, as well as all my resources I use in the process of making my art. Along with what groups you can find some of my art in. So I'm creating this journal entry to do just that!


My space art from new to old.
Trident by Bmor-Creative Heavenly by Bmor-Creative Project Fusion by Bmor-Creative Submerge by Bmor-Creative Planet Five by Bmor-Creative Planet Four by Bmor-Creative Planet Three by Bmor-Creative Planet Two by Bmor-Creative Planet One by Bmor-Creative


The following are resources I think are very helpful in the creation of space art.
Close Up Planet Walkthrough by ~Baro

Land Planet Tutorial By UCD by ~scifisrc

Tutorial: Craters by ~Baro

Gas Giant resource pack by `priteeboy

Earth Stock by ~n0n0nSenSe

Rabies Star Brushset by ~Rabieshund

Resource Pack 3 by ~Lotay


Here are some groups my space artwork can be found in.
:iconinner-space: :iconspace-club: :iconunknown-artists-club: :iconda-revolution: :iconpscreated-space: :icondownload-image: :icondigitallycreated: :icondeviantdigitalart: :iconspace-frontier: :icondigital-art-club: :iconcreative-digitalart: :icontheouterspace: :iconcraftychallenges: :iconrealm-of-fantasy: :iconjudgment-day: :icondigital-artists: :iconcosmicatrium: :icondigitalartnetwork:


The following journal entries feature one of my space art pieces.
The winners of 'THE FUTURE, contestCONTEST -THE FUTURE
Deviants where asked to create a piece of work based on the future, and how they saw it. After going through hundreds of entries, I've picked 15 that I thought were they best. Not just for the technique, but the vision, the style, the creativity, and the emotion behind the work.



The Old Gods by cheshirecatartsteampunk by schym
Switch it ON by Mr-BluebirdE-mentally sound by JanneO:thumb166269888:
I looked for original vision, creativity, techniques execution, also emotion and balance within the piece.
:bulletpurple: PRIZES ARE :bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple: 1ST PRIZE 3 month subscription Donated by waiting4moonlight (plus cool lucky bag surprises)
4 month feature (
Featuring the Winners from 'the Future'Here, as promised, is a feature for the Winners of "the Future" contest. The original article can be found here:
Coming in first is :iconBorruen:
The Winning Deviation:

Featuring Deviations from the winner's gallery:

Coming in second is :iconSingul:
The Winning Deviation:

Featuring Deviations from the winner's gallery:
Indie by Singul Country by Singul Jazzy by Singul Where they die v.2 by Singul
Coming in third is :iconMenschenhautkonfetti:
The Winning Deviation:
City of Delusion by Menschenhautkonfetti
Featuring Deviations from the winner's gallery:
Heroes RPG Cover by Menschenhautkonfetti listen by Menschenhautkonfetti Tristan Summers by Menschenhautkonfetti air by Menschenhautkonfetti paino by Menschenhautkonfetti bananatrip by Menschenhautkonfetti 22.222 by Menschenhautkonfetti
Runner Ups in the contest:
:thumb166269888: Switch it ON by Mr-Bluebird steampunk by schym The Old Gods by cheshirecatart :thumb168885773: Lune by TheBabman Submerge by Bmor-Creative


Try some of these search terms when looking under resources:
Star, Nebula, Space, Planet, Rocky(or Rusty) Texture, Space Tutorial.

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Lets Try Something New

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 10, 2010, 6:48 PM

Recently I've been veering away from my photography. That's not to say I don't enjoy it. I just find trying something new to be very refreshing. It's a great way to increase my artistic skill in several genres. I'll still upload my photography though.

I've also recently thought about allowing all of my photography to be used as stocks for use in art here on DeviantART. Only if it is credited correctly. Leave my name in the description or just leaving a link on my page so that I can check it out and see what you've done.

Once again I'd like to thank everyone who has faved, commented, or even viewed one of my pieces of art.


Here are just some random pictures of mine that I enjoy...

Vexel Child by Bmor-Creative Planet One by Bmor-Creative Go to Sleep by Bmor-Creative Purple Flowers by Bmor-Creative Windy by Bmor-Creative Essence of Blue Wallpaper by Bmor-Creative

Check out some of my recent favorites by other deviants:

Vital Signs by :iconlazdude:

Lazdude has a great style to his photography. Definitely check out his other work!

:thumb153239315: Last Autumn by :icontdufreak:

An Abundance of Wishes by XxLonerEyesxX An Adundance of Wishes by :iconxxlonereyesxx:

Gold dust by Michelle-Fennel Gold Dust by :iconmichelle-fennel:

Ai-file by LimKis Ai - file by :iconlimkis:

Love the colors in this piece.


Thanks again everyone,


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Thanks Everyone.

Journal Entry: Thu May 20, 2010, 12:52 PM

Thank you to everyone who has viewed or :+fav: anything lately. If you want me to check out one of your photographs or art in general, just link it in the comments.

Almost done with school then I can take a lot more photos to share with everyone!


I've been gone awhile. So I went ahead and uploaded some old pictures I had lying around.
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