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Mineral(s): Veszelyite
Locality: Black Pine Mine, Philipsburg District, Granite Co., Montana, USA

This is a pretty small specimen (1.3 cm long), but it is entirely covered in teal-colored crystals of this rare copper zinc phosphate mineral. Most specimens are lean and comprised of a few isolated crystals on matrix. Largest crystal is about 5 mm long.
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The color is almost unreal.  I've never heard of this mineral before, now i need to find a specimen!
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Veszelyite is definitely one of the rarer minerals out there (that also looks pretty and is not an ugly rare species). Finding a specimen, particularly one from the classic locality in Montana, is pretty difficult and usually pricey. There's a more recent find of veszelyite on bubbly blue hemimorphite from China that has come out in recent years, but I haven't seen a lot of them either.

edit: actually I see a couple now on eBay, all from the Chinese locality. Good color but the crystals are pretty tiny.
Auction sites like or ebay are usually the best way to go for finding an affordable veszelyite specimen.
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I could synthesize this, oh that would be an interesting project.

The translucency here is remarkable.
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Wow, I can't believed I didn't Watch you earlier! I love how you also showcase less common minerals in collections.
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Thank you so much. I actually tend to feature a lot more on my Instagram, so if you have the time, have a gander:
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Its an interesting shade of blue. With a normal dull color on back end. Still quite beautiful. 
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I've got to try and find some of this!
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Veszelyite is definitely not an easy mineral to find, in terms of both quantity and a decently affordable price. I managed to obtain this specimen from the San Francisco gem and mineral show in the mid 2000s, entirely upon luck.

Here's a search of some specimens that are, while really good, mostly costly:…

Of that search, the one that's probably the most affordable but still looks nice:…

The most affordable one I've seen currently is probably here at $25:…

And of course, an Ebay search of veszelyite may fetch you a few results. However, the ones I've seen tend to be from China, and specimens from there tend to be crusty with less well-defined crystals.

Hope that helps.
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Yes it does thank you. :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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Very nice. Great color/
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