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Hey yo brushes are here for those who have been asking, just type "0" in the pay box. thanks!…
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Muchas Gracias!!

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do these work for photoshop??

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I love the sort of expression as it’s about to lunge at the mouse.

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I reckon the mouse knows kung fu and the snake is gonna end up tied in knots. ;P

CoRgIwAfFlEs's avatar

snek boi will win >:3

and den is snakkkk time

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Snake's gonna get him stuck in his throat, cough him up like a hair ball, then get clobbered on the head. Never underestimate a cheese-eater! ;P

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Ouch! ;P

Mouse cuts snake open from inside. :nana:

CoRgIwAfFlEs's avatar

; - ;

the mouse would be a warrior then :/

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Mouse is a Ninja! :ninja:

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do these work with procreate?

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Favorited for the snek

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artwork is dope though

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Are these brushes compatible with MediBang or Procreate?

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"Oh sh*t! A rat!"

*Dances manically*

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What app are the brushes for?

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The mouse had it coming because he obviously stepped on the snek. Never step on snek!

no step on snek (Gadsden flag)
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