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Super awesome as always. All of your GW artwork looks so real and captures the feel of the game so well.
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Amazing work!

It makes me hear imperial march music when I look at it. Great sense of power and purpose with this piece. :)
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Was searching for this badass picture a while ago and found out that you are the same guy that is doing the awesome Scurry Comic.
Recently left a comment there as well. Really great work man


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I love this picture my friend, very nice art work.

ForzaDelDestino2k8's avatar
To all the people hating on the "Sigmarines," hope you all get a hammer to the face by these guys.
Treadz2000's avatar
Who gives them the right? They know I carried Pirates of Penzance that season at Qhahog Community Theater!…
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Yes, how dare people have the nerve to dislike things!  They should be killed!
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There is a storm on the rise. Thank-you.
JulioDionizioArt's avatar
yeah i agree with that other dude! badass!! 
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This is badass man, good job!
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"u came to the wrong neighborhood, heretic."
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