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a bearded adult Draco Malfoy, as suggest by some followers on tumblr and my willing to paint him :)
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Wonderful Picture ! I'm glad someone finally paint him whitout a ponytail or long hair. This Draco is very close to how I imagined him being a grown man. 

May I ask you if I can use it as a cover for a story I wrote about Draco Malfoy (it's published on a website and I will obviously indicate it's not my picture but yours if you give me the permission)

Sorry for any mistake, I'm french and not very good in English... 
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I always thought he'd look awful with a beard, but you made him look really good! Great work :D
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I'm glad you like it! :D
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It's very beautiful. I love your art. ♥
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Holy buckets, this is an incredible interpretation of Draco. I never imagined him with a beard before but that is now eternally committed to my mental image of him.
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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it! :D
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He looks amazing ♥ I wouldn't have imagined him with a beard, but that's totally cool :D
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To be honest, I've never thought about him with a beard either! But since I was trying a bearded Harry, I decided to give it a try. Glad you like it!
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A beard on Draco certainly makes him look more matured. I like the beard additions you added to both your Harry piece, as well as this Draco piece. I'd have to say though, between the two I think I prefer the beard style on Harry more, as I feel it fits just a smidge bit better.

Oddly enough though, the beard makes Draco look wise, in a way. He looks like someone who spends a lot of time in his study, during his current "later years". Like he's become a wise stern father figure.
Though that's probably just me. 
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Thank you, that is really interesting. I also prefer Harry with a beard, but it's great that you think Draco looks wiser, I love that interpretation!
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Oh yes, I also never thought about Harry being bearded, but looking at your art, it seems so natural :D
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Wow it looks amazing! I MUST watch you immediately! :dead: :squee:
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AHhh I love this so much! The colors are beautiful and I just really love the plain changes and the skull structure haha
ANyway I absolutely love what you've been doing lately! You've quickly become one of my favourite artists. Keep it up :)
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Thank you so much, I'm so glad I'm one of your favorites! This means a lot to me :heart:
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love the brush strokes! gorgeous painting
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Thank you very much! :D
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Oh my *heart eyes*
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