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Attention Sirisolans,


We have been thinking of fun events that the Administrators can deliver on a weekly basis. We have come up with the idea of a weekly draw. The prizes in the weekly draw are either deltas or a hosted room. We understand many users are upset that we discontinued the free service of hosted rooms, so we will be doing a weekly draw for them. This event will take place every Saturday of every month unless otherwise posted.

-----Weekly Draws for this month-------

This month we will be having a break from the weekly draws now and through February. They will resume again in March. Thank you so much for your support. The Events team will be planning on better prizes for next time.



(There is no fee to enter. This is a free draw)

1. By entering you agree to our room host rules (below)
2. By entering you agree if you win, then break a room host rule you accept that you will be blacklisted from future draws with a room host prize and your hosted room will be taken down.
3. By entering you agree that you will not be upset if you were not picked. Your username along with many others will be randomly picked from a hat.
4. You understand there is usually only one winner per week unless otherwise posted. 
5. You understand if you don't get picked and you harass an administrator you will have consequences.
6. You understand as long as you follow these rules you will be able to enter in every weekly draw if you so please.
7. If you agree to all of these statements above you can enter the drawing.



1. Message Bluu that you would like to enter the drawing. 
2. You are entering for the week that is active. For example if the drawing starts on Saturday the 18th of June, and you entered on the 19th of June you are entering for the prize posted for that week. If you entered on the 25th of June you are too late to get the prize for the last week and entered for the next weeks prize.
3. Just sit back and wait. You can enter any day of the week as long as it is before the Saturday the next draw takes place.
4. Make sure you only use 1 account to sign up for the drawing, using multiple accounts to enter will get you kicked from the drawing and possibly future drawings.



1. Most chat rules still apply to hosted rooms, but you may set the standards as far as profanity and age limits. This does not mean cussing at others, unless it is clearly a joke to both the person(s) using the language and the person(s) receiving it. 

2. You may not change the background of the room unless you ask an admin and have them do it for you, if not the admins will revoke your rank as alpha in the room, and delete it. You may also get a warning, and may not be able to have a room hosted again. As well as you will be blacklisted from events that give away hosted rooms as prizes. (keep in mind we must have strict rules so that premade/custom rooms are not uploaded, or rooms with inappropriate backgrounds)

3. Please do not be rude in any way towards an admin hosting your room we can revoke your room.

4. You can have more than one room hosted if you win one, but please do not go overboard.

5. You may use the room for a hang out room, a pack room, and just about anything. If you are having troubles in public rooms, take a retreat to your own hosted room, you can exile/ban anyone from the room if you see fit. But please be appropriate about it, you cannot use kicks in any obscene way. You cannot cuss out users with kicks.

6. Most of all have fun in your hosted rooms.


Alpha Administrator and Owner

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