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  • About Me - Sasha / She / Russian Hello, I am BluuLeopard. You can call me Bluu for short, new nicknames are welcome too, I don't mind! My real name is Sasha, however. And yes - I can speak, read, and write fluently in both - Russian and English. ( Though, English was my second language. ) Overall, I'm a very friendly person and love to make new friends. Also, a pretty talkative one, too! So I often like hearing ideas / opinions from other people about my artwork. x3

  • Artist / Student / Athlete I'm a young, female artist! Also self-taught, but recently finished a few digital courses. Anything creative, artistically & hand-made has my attention! But, my two most favourite 'subjects' are the classical - digital and traditional art styles. Art probably mesmerized me since the beginning of time, and I love it. LOL I love the idea of something that's been born in your head, has the ability to come to life. Of course, if you'll give it the life to live, by creating it... Freedom - is what fascinates me. I get bored of consistency, which is why I choose my favourite subjects, and switch between them; attempting to experiment, discover new techniques, learn new strategies, and simply have some fun! '^^ Besides the usual artistry, I also enjoy the art of body language. This explains my athletic side. I'm a Rhythmic Gymnast - expressing a story or emotion through dancing... Gives me as much joy as simple drawings.

  • Current Interest - Animation / Art / Illustration My current interest is Digital Art, obviously. I'd like to explore wider ranges of it, possibly try animation. I mean, I always wanted to try it. I really loved Dreamworks and Disney, and still do. That's a fact that won't ever change. Any cartoon, animated film, or fantasy movie is my sea to swim in. Someday, I'd aim to become an animator. An impossible and difficult dream to reach towards, but that's alright. Nothing is ever easy, that's usually how it works. xD Welp, that's about it! See you around, was nice meeting you- Byeee!

Favourite Visual Artist
Yechii, NorthernRed, Arven92, Nightrizer, MapleSpyder
Favourite Movies
Pirates of The Caribbean, Titanic, HTTYD, Harry Potter, Treasure Planet and many more...
Favourite TV Shows
Richard Castle, White Collar, Friends, That '70's Show, TTS, HTTYD Series
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alvaro Soler, Cash & Maverick Baker, Shakira, Pizza
Favourite Books
Harry Potter, How To Train Your Dragon, Treasure Island
Favourite Writers
Joanna K. Rowling
Favourite Games
Dragon's Den, WolfQuest, FeralHeart, other animal-related / fantasy games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
Too many to mention ;)

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What forgotten and obscure characters would you like to see in my show?

I'm not too sure, to be honest

I'm creating a cartoon. It's called, Forgotten Tales! It's about these forgotten and obscure characters that no one remembers from media going on wacky and crazy adventures.

Oh, interesting 🤔

Thank you! Right now, I'm just looking for forgotten and obscure characters to put in the show I'm making. Do you have any suggestions for forgotten characters you would like to see in my show?

Thanks for liking our comment! We hope you’ll enjoy what else we have to offer!! And keep up your own awesome, creative endeavors!

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