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Fakemon: Starter Trio

This is my own fake Pokemon starter trio that I have created probably more than 4 years ago. The drawing on the bottom is the original that I'm glad I kept for all these years and I've finally re-drew them!

I don't remember what names I gave them. I only remember I called the water type Polade. I guess these are cool designs, but right now when I see it, the grass and water type don't really make much sense. haha!

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XD omg I remember them~ I still have the notebook where u drew polade with all the pokedex info ^v^ Ima send chu zeh image on WhatsApp :3
And the grass type was actually designed by me XD...---though idk what I was thinking years ago X'D Its name is Okrazo X'D
BluuKiss's avatar
Oh sorry, I can't remember that Okrazo was made by you. haha!
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its okay XDDD its been such a long time after all!
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XD the grass type looks like a leafeon, the fire like a fire type version of Zorua and the water type like Cubchoo
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I kind of wish these Fakemon are actually put into a Pokemon game, you know? It is a shame to see these designs go to waste.

Wondering drawing!
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Yea, there's lots of nice designs out there. And thanks!
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Is it just me, or does the grass type look like a bipedal Leafeon?
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That's what I immediately thought after a glance.
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Awww... Heart-meltingly cute! X3
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