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So I made a new account.

I KNOW that some of you have advised me to stick to my current one but it's just not 'me' anymore. I'm sorry if you disagree with my decision, but it is MY decision.
I'll be uploading art later :) 
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Before you start thinking that I'm back; I am not yet :^^;: But I have been drawing again more frequently than before; I'm so happy that I've got my stylised drawing vibe back again!

When I get back to England (I'm away atm) I will TRY to do some art and put stuff on here. No promises, but I want to get back into art again :)

Life's pretty good still atm, had a rough few weeks with drama going on in music but drama was caused by people worrying about me, not hating me which is quite a nice change.

Hope you all are well and happy :) Feel free to talk to me if you want; I'll try and be active :)

for some reason I'm going through an 'Absi' phase again :'D
I went into school yesterday.

It was a pretty bad idea. I'm home today on house arrest due to illness bed rest, until my mum is 101% satisfied I am well.
Ergo, I will not be in school for the rest of this week.

It's kind of irritating as it's the last week before the concerts (:heart:) and I can't really afford to get behind on work as I'm already missing next Monday for the all day music practise.

Still, I'm stuck in bed until I can stand up without the world spinning and me nearly collapsing.
Bleh. If I manage to walk without dying, I'll do some art :meow:
My journal seem to be full of failing-ness, don't they?

Well, my internets up and running again, but I'm having issues with my PC still, so no art :/ When I am able to draw again I'll sort out my page; my premi ran out and it's gone to hell.

At the moment I'm trying to get to a normal temperature because I have a cough and fever :c and I was looking forward to going to the zoo so I could sketch some animals (I bought a new sketchpad for the purpose) and now I'm home alone trying not to die from coughing :/

So yeah, I'll be lurking on my safe mode-only PC and (attempting) being productive.
Technology has decided to bitchslap us all!
Or just me

Anyways, my internet currently spazzes out quite a bit, and it's annoying me. Still, I'll try and be on :meow:


I have 1 hr a week to draw. Clearly my sister is so generous, giving me 1 hour out of all her time on her computer to draw! >:C  This means that a lot of my artwork is traditionally sketched and then the rest is done digitally. Considering I want to do a lot of artwork for my story, that means that projects such as Caspanas, Wanderer and Dawn of Darkness are behind.

That means that I'm going to have to arrange something. A lot of this is personal stuff, and I mean, I've barely shown anything for Wanderer and Dawn of Darkness yet, so I'm not sure how this is going to work. But I'll explain everything that needs explaining so you know what to expect ^^ 

Computer Problems
Right, I will try and explain.
My computers sound died months ago. Then it got slower starting up and was generally a bit of a bitch to me. Finally it started crashing, I had to switch it off one day and reload it and it just wouldn't. Now it loads only in safe mode.

My sister had a laptop but that died. We started saving up money to get a new one for her, and we have about £50 saved up. We're not sure whether to get a laptop or a desktop as of now. She uses the downstairs PC literally 35 hours a week, and I get 1. THANK YOU.

I've bargained with her, and because I have this piece of hell to use, and she has the downstairs PC, when we get her a new laptop we are going to share it (I'll make some schedule, being me) and that will happen until we get me a new laptop/computer. This means that as of whenever we get little sis a laptop, I will be able to do some animation at a snails pace.

Motivation (and Gaming)
As you may have noticed, I have had issues drawing.

I used to draw to express myself and distract myself but then it stopped walking because I was an idiot, and because, from both her being an inspiration and the whole Caspanas project, I couldn't draw in my old style, it kept on going into Lilafly's. And then I had to change it and I was stressed with drawing anyway, so I just didn't draw because I didn't have any motivation, or any inspiration to change it.

But it's not Larina's fault, cause I was struggling to draw because I was stressed because I am officially the worlds biggest idiot.
However, idiocy has been verified and I know how to fix my mistakes and make it all okay, and I am getting back into artwork. It's like I go back to see everything that I wanted to be and wanted to do and I feel that same spark of madness that is 'hell, this animation project will take years and I'll never sleep again' but I love it. I love creating and animating. At least this break where I have limited drawing time will allow me to catch up planning now I'm getting motivation.

Also, with my gaming, I haven't been able to game. So NO distractions anymore. I accept of a weekend its fun to relax and game, and when animation starts to stress me, but as of now I am back to my art loving self. Hopefully.

Personal Story Project
This is my life.
I have worked on this project since I was 9. A simple story idea, expanding more and more, growing up as I do. It was a seemingly insignificant and stupid idea but the potential... God, I love it all. I have expanded this plot, reworked it, it is very special to me. It will ALWAYS come first.
It's a huge series, and I really want to do a comic version, as although it is now humans, I wrote most of it for horses. And I'd love more than anything to draw it out. So, some day I may. But writing it as a book series is important to me. I'd love to animate Caspanas and do my Wanderer and Dawn of Darkness series' but this comes first. I have been laughed at for all my stories in the past, and have never believed that they are worthless, I just see new parts to improve. I can't really explain how much this is to me :/

So a summary: Screw everything else, if this needs something doing IT WILL COME FIRST!

Obviously, as this is not my series, I can do nothing more than plan how I will animate this. Dialogues and scripts, as scripts may be tweaked very slightly to make it more animate-able. I also need to split off everything into episodes, probably one chapter per episode, which gives us a slight problem as depending on my animation speed, because if Larina has something going on (exams, life, life, life, motivation, art block) that may hinder the progress of the comic, meaning the animation may catch up to the stage of the comic. To be honest, if that does happen it will be a hiatus for me to go and do other things. As I am officially the most spoiler-ed person ever about the plot of it, I will hopefully be fairly independent about transitioning it into an animated series. One book= 1 season. 1 chapter= one episode.

I have been reworking Wanderer, because it was shit before. Now it's completely insane. I will be planning this and hopefully by the time I am animating, it will be ready for production hopefully when I get my new PC :D Fingers crossed, eh?

Dawn of Darkness

Dawn of Darkness is slightly changeable, not sure when I'm gonna finish the planning :/

5k pageviews

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 4, 2014, 3:20 PM

I don't really care about popularity anymore, the bigger you get the harder you fall in my opinion and from my experiences. But it is nice to be noticed all the same and I have 5k pageviews :heart:

I'm not the little girl I once was, wanting fame, but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate a little bit of attention, even if it's not much :3

Sorry sorry sorry about my lack of art; I can't think straight half the time, I'm worrying way too much over some things and I'm just sick of crying all the time. I'm still trying to be happier though. Bear with me guys!

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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 4:56 AM

My friend-who-is-a-boy set his Skype to female.
He's trying to impersonate an anime girl...

pls help meh

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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 4:41 PM


I am trying to get back to dA so bear with me please ^^; Recently I've been so confused between all the aspects of my life I love, but I can't seem to keep in balance with eachother. Hopefully I can find some way to do that soon, probably involving me time-tabling my entire life xD

So in order to make my gallery more organised and somewhat professional, any art that I'm not happy with is in scraps. This way you can still look at it, but I can feel like I have a division between my good art and my bad art :aww: This way everything is organised.

I hope you do not mind this ^^;

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To-Do List

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 6:09 AM

Please remind me if I forget anything that I need to do ^^;


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Hello people :D

It's UnicornCreekStudios on her own account. Basically in case you're confuzzled I made this account for my art, as opposed to art for the studios.

So yes, that's me. I need to do a bunch of stuff before I put art on here. It's so funny cause people are arriving and from UCS :XD: It feels like a school trip or something! :giggle:

I shall make a list now of stuff I need to do...

Abi x