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RS Meria by BluuButterfly RS Meria by BluuButterfly
Finally! More art!
This is Meria, my pretty little girl, sister to Kitari :3
I've been working on the plot for Wanderer, mostly to the five Houses. I will probably explain everything here at one point (The Magiciennes/Wanderers and Guardians, the lore of each of the Houses, The Twelve of Sibyll etc.) So this won't really make sense for now, but will when you see it in the context of the story :meow:

The writing took forever; I finished this a few days ago.

General Information

Name: Merianna Lotte Dresh (formerly Helma)
Prefered Name: Meria, Merianna
Nickname: Meria
Age: 27 human years
Breed: Mustang
Gender: mare | female
Orientation: straight | heterosexual

Mother: Sharliene Piron
Father: Mariotel Helma
Siblings: Kitari Helma
Relatives: Rowan Neker (brother-in-law)
Mate: Lord Tyrin Dhresh

Location: Herd Fysha | House Earth
Herd: Herd Fysha
Rank: Queen of Fysha | Lady of Sibyll
Reputation: Meria was given her title by her parents, destroying whatever relationship she had with her sister, Kitari, who so desperately wanted the role. However both her commitment to House Earth and her leadership earned her respect with the dedicants of House Earth, yet her kindness and gentle nature won over her herd. She is widely respected, especially for her beauty.

Own Magic kind (if any): None, neutral
Magic Loyalty: Meria has always been taught to be religious to House Earth, like her parents before her. Her herd, as well as being a big one, is also prestigious. She is often quite fake, living up to what is expected of her, whatever her heart says. Therefore she is one of the twelve ladies of Sibyll, a tradition for House Earth. The tradition states that twelve mares whom are each special and unique, yet dedicated to the House and it's beliefs, must be found and selected to be loyal to the Element itself. However, Meria has her own point of view, and despite not being a Wanderer (or as they are known to House Earth, Magiciennes) she feels like the other Houses should respect each other more. She has tried to change the way the Informants are trained.


[ fake | selfless | secretive | follower | gentle | naïve | kind | beautiful | respectful | free | feminist | passive | quiet ]

Meria hides a lot of herself away. This is because she feels like she has to be what her parents wish her to be, rather than what she is. Therefore she shuts a lot of herself away, under a mask. Her mask is a seemingly perfect mare, agreeing with all values of House Earth.

First and foremost, Meria is selfless. She always puts others before herself, and, despite her beauty, endevours not to be vain. She naturally fits into House Earth, as selflessness is a trait they encourage. Despite her opinions on House Earth, she believes it is the most beautiful house because of all the peace and selflessness.

Meria hides a lot of herself away, having to hide her opinions and true personality under what her family expect. She believes herself inadequate for House Earth, save for her selflessness. She is wiser than most horses, in that she can recognise that her House is corrupt, but feels like she can do nothing about it, so hides away a lot of herself. She will lie for herself and others.

Meria, despite being opinionated and having her own viewpoints, is a follower. Although she is meant to lead her herd, she does under the guidance of Sibyll, the House Earth Elemental. It is also why she is so pressured to hide herself away, as she is not very independent.

Meria is very passive and gentle. She is softly spoken and careful, considerate of others. She rarely gets angry, and enjoys quiet moments of peace..

Meria has always grown up with comforts and riches. Although she has heard rumors of conflict within her House, living in such a peaceful and passive home means that she is not aware of suffering. She doesn't understand violence, vengeance and anger.

Meria is very sweet and kind. She is naturally respectful and gentle, and is nice to all horses. Judging one by their looks or personality is unknown to her, and so she welcomes all horses.

Meria is naturally a very beautiful mare. She is very graceful, and it gives her more power as she seems in every way like a perfect member of House Earth.

No matter how others treat the horse, Meria will always treat others with respect until she fully knows them. She is constantly putting other horses before her.

Meria, in her current position, feels restrained. She is a free spirit and if she had her way of thinking the Houses would respect eachother more.

Meria believes strongly that females are better than stallions.

Meria is not very passionate and is quite laid back; putting others wishes before hers. She does not adventure or action, but prefers silence and peace, like sunsets.

Meria truly loves House Earth because it is the most relaxed and peaceful House. She dislikes the loudness and brashness of some of the other houses. She is very quiet and speaks only when necessary.


{coming soon}

Meria & art © me (BluuButterfly 2014)
MADZchickenFreak Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's so pretty! ;3; 
Wow, you must have worked so hard on that description!  0.0
BluuButterfly Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, and yes it did take a while :'D
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