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Diamond Platinum Emerald Sue



Diamond Platinum Sue is the best-selling prodigy and author
of many classic stories-- most infamously the Magical Fairy
Unicorns of Sparkleton series-- which is currently being
made into the most anticipated movies of 2012.
The young girl at age twelve has already inspired millions
in her country of Japan, with her talent in Shakespearean theater,
Opera, and Ballet-- in a combination of the three that audiences
described as "Shockingly Brilliant" as she doubles in a life
of an author of eighty-two best selling novels world-wide, and only by
the age of nine!
She has recently entered a modeling career and a succesful life
as the youngest college student of her generation in the topics
of Neuroscience and Nanotechnology-- which she is currently excelling
in. She has signed multiple Modeling contracts due to her
naturally incandescent, sapphire blue hair and radiant yellow-orange-green-
purple- and blue eyes that sparkles like radiant pools of rainbows.

She has two nobel peace prizes, and is currently listed as the
"Greatest Person ever to be born in this world" Until she has her children,
who she expects will be as wonderful and charming as she!

Currently Diamond Sue lives in the Andes mountains in her 10 story mansion
and seventy-five classic mint condition collectors vehicles-- along with her seventeen
cats, nine dogs, thirty three hamsters, a siberian tiger, six ferrets, one ocelot,
and Shamu the whale. She supports the protection of the rainforest, the protection of
rain, the ideals of stopping the sun from going supernova, and the banning of ungirly
colors in the known universe.
She knows more Languages than C3PO

For :iconkini-kan:'s FF account 8'D

My eyes will never be the same.
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can i keep her