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Red Bull had a contest. Remake one of its ads. I did that. Here it is:…

Now you can watch it, log in and VOTE for me!

You can vote AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT and you know with these things the more the merrier.

So do me a solid and vote, vote, vote and tell it to your friends as well!
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Here I am. I know, I know. I haven't upload anything for ages but, as usual, I have a ton of excuses.

First of all, I have a new dA account for my pictures. This one: :iconharlan-d:
So check it out, I'm sure you're gonna find something to like.

As for the drawings, comics etc. truth is, I'm not drawing as much as I used to these days. CBE is in a frozen state for now and for a good reason, and I'm channeling all my creativity in other projects. I'm in pre-production of a, well, it IS a starwars fanfilm. It's the first time I try to shoot somehing bigger than "Me, my friends and a handycam" and let me tell you it ain't easy. Last time I had ambitions like these I got scared and abandon the whole project. Let's hope this time, the constant whining of my crew will keep the project alive.

Also, more video goodies: I'm working on a new online documentary series about mysteries in Greece. I already shot the first 2 episodes and we have lots of mysteries to go on with. Stay tune (well, not all of you. this one will be in Greek)

As for comics and webcomics... CBE WILL continue. (I should probably write that on the site itself...). It's currently frozen 'cause I needed time to manage the other projects, my ideas and to find a reason for its existence. Also, I know I said it before but, I'm working on a new webcomic as well. It'll be different than CBE and that's why I want to have everything sorted out before I begin drawing it.

That's all. I hope you had a great summer and, once again, check me @ :iconharlan-d:
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Last days in Kingston kids. After 3 years of knowing where I stand, it's time for me to move. Both literally and metaphorically of course.

Am I nervous? Sure.
I haven't got the slightest idea what's gonna happen next. I actually managed to get myself in that position and let me tell you, it wasn't particularly hard.

As Jarvis said, My future is shining like a giant metal beast and the only thing I can do is, well, buckle up.

So let the adventure begin.
As I mentioned before, the only thing I've been doing creatively for the past few months is my webcomic.
And even though I draw and color twice a week, my artwork folder (and my deviantart page) remain stagnant, giving me a feeling that I haven't been drawing at all. The only thing I made recently besides CBE strips was a panel of one of my strips that I made as a poster, which I'm gonna upload here as soon as I finish writing this.

You see, after some time, the webcomic becomes something of a routine. Sure, there's the occasional spontaneous idea that would make me happy to draw it but usually it's just procedure. I draw because I have to, even if I don't feel like it at the moment.
On the one hand, it keeps you from become lazy and it's good training, but on the other hand it doesn't offer too much variety.

And I know that it's not the webcomic's fault. I'm not saying that. It's not that it takes up all of my free time or anything. It just that, since I satisfy my need to draw I don't feel motivated enough to do it more.

The reason I'm saying all this of course is for me to hear it :P
It's time to let my webcomic just be a part of my life and continue drawing other stuff.
And without submiting anything I might add :P

Sorry for that but, having a webcomic is really demanding. Plus, there was the whole summer thing distracting me from the net.

I'll try to be a better deviant from now on.

Yeah, actually most of you can say even more :P

But there's always the first 1k for everyone right?
So... go see my webcomic now :P
So, my webcomic is finally up.

I've never been so exited in my life regarding my drawings.
My first goal is for people to enjoy it.
And yeah, my second is to be able to make it big some day. To be one of the guys and not just another webcomic around for my friends to read.
And even tho the financial possibilities are always a plus, my main concern is for people to have a good time. As many people as possible.

So with no further ado,
Updated every Monday and Thursday for now, hoping to make it three times a week in the future.

Go, read it, bookmark it and visit it regularly. And if you feel like it, drop a comment here

as for now I don't have a forum or anything related there.
Everything in time.

And don't forget. There will be guest weeks, so be prepared :)


How could I forget?
:iconlordceleborn: made the whole site for me.

All I had to do was give him the layout and whine a lot. The fact that he's still my friend and he didn't shove his php-ness in my bum, proves that he's a man of great patience and a true professional.
Thanx man.
...and everybody HATES me!"

The title is actually a Scrooge McDuck quote from "Christmas On Bear Mountain" comic book story which was Scrooge's first appearance ever back in 1947.
He used to be a very angry old duck.
And I am too.

It's been a long time since my last journal hasn't it?
My last post was back in July 2005, informing you that I will soon start working on my webcomic. And it might have taken me six whole months to eventually put my ass down but I really did work on it and if everything goes well it will be ready and online in a few days.

So what's with the angry title?
Well, I just submitted Evil Than, a drawing of my evil self.
And the reason I did this was because I really missed the guy.
You see, the truth is (and this is kind of a confession, one that can probably damage my social life, here anyway), that I do hate 99% of people.
I really am a selfish opinionated asshole who has little space in his heart for people that prove, every chance they get, how stupid they are.

Take Goths for example. Bar the aisthetic part, which I really detest, I can't really conceive the level of stupidity in wanting to be "a princess of the night" or live in the past and dressed up with clothes that have no place in our reality. Not to mention the chessyness of it. The stupid poerty that comes along and of course the whole "I wanna be dead" thing. So friggin' die already. You'll be doing the world a favour.
Not that everyone who likes the goth style is stupid tho. Just the really extreme cases.

And since I'm in the mood, let's take you, deviants, and give you a piece of mah mind.

First of all screw manga style. I like it as much as the next guy but I really got bored of seeing people with REAL talent wasting their time on drawing manga-like things although they have no connection whatsoever with Japan and its culture.
"But dude, it's a form of art and a personal decision to follow it" you'll say.
No dude it's not. Maybe if you are a 13yo girl, but for the rest of us it's an industrialized technique made for quantity and in most of the cases, it strips you of any uniquness you may have as an artist.
And yes, I can accept someone who lives there to draw like that. But the rest of them...stupid I tell you.

And lets not forget nude photographers
First of all... what the hell is a nude photographer? Someone who likes to take pictures while being nude?
Again, I love nude photography (and not 'artistic nude'). It is my favorite genre it really is. But lets be honest about it shall we?

There's a difference between a model/photographer and a flasher. And frankly my dears there's a lot of flashers around here.
If you wanna show yourseld nude, do it and be proud of it. There's no shame. But don't hide yourself under "art", especially if your pics are 'artistically' and technically crap.
And "art" while we're at it is a very subjective thing. Take a nude pic and put it in a porn website and it's porn. Take the same pic and frame it in a gallery and instantly it's art. I've seen a lot of examples like that believe me and they make me furious every single time.
And that "well your picture is too graphic. It's not really art" comments.
What in tarnation does "graphic" mean? Is it not the purpose of an "art" piece to initiate strong emotions to the observer? Well last time I checked, horniness is not only a very strong one but also one of the basic human drives. The only thing that matters for me is the skills behind something. And the idea.

Speaking of ideas, if you are a professional photographer (nude or with his clothes on) please stop wasting net space by submitting another black & white ass. Contrary to popular belief, black & white is not instant art. It's just an easy way around. Every picture looks better in black & white with heavy shadows. Every ass as well. Submit one, or even two.

I can go on for hours but my goal is not to make a lot of people angry (with my three examples I covered 80% of DA anyway :P) especially mere days before my webcomic starts for which I'll need all the feedback I can get (so yeah, even if you belong to one or more of the categories above, please be kind and read it when the day comes).
My goal was to give you a taste of Evil Than, whose bitterness, most of the time, I keep bound into comedy.
And as for me... I'm not that bad, really.

I have qualities and I have things for others to like me.
Or even love me. How about that?
And that's the reason I'm not afraid to let the evil part take over sometimes. If nothing else, it's fun.
I think I'll take a break now.
I have to start working on a webcomic.
What do you know? I was a deviant member already since may last year.
I must have been drunk, 'cause I don't remember doing it.
Well, better late than never. Hello.

All those categories and subcategories you have to endure till you post a single doodle are making me dizzy.

I'll leave it as it is for now and resume later.