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So today we want to sing a chorus
And to drink some cool, refreshing wine,
The glasses cling in joy before us,
I must go, but I am ever thine!

Give to me your hand! Your delightful hand!
Farewell, my dear! Farewell, my dear,
Farewell, fare thee well!
Now we’re sailing! Now we’re sailing!
Now we’re sailing off to fight the Brits!
Fight the Brits!

On our mast our noble banner’s waving,
It proclaims the power of the Reich!
For a fight is what we have been craving,
To destroy their haughty English pride!

If you hear that in the fight I’ve fallen
If I sleep the slumber of the brave!
Do no weep that I am at the bottom,
I gave all, our Fatherland to save!
A song that was made famous by a fairly recent anime: Hellsing. Thought I would translate it, since it was one of those "obvious ones" that I felt bad about missing.

This is not a literal translation by far. I've taken greater leniency with this one with many. "White" for "Delightful" for example when describing the hand.

The last verse especially is probably the most egregious in this regard, but I generally think I've kept the spirit of it.

One big one though: the Chorus does not have "England" in it. I found it rather hard to reconcile "England" as its said in the song (En-ge-land) with "England". I decided to substitute "Brits" for England to help preserve the integrity of what was being sung without having it be forced. 
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Surely if you removed 'England' and replaced it with 'Brits' because it's pronounced as a three syllable word, then you're missing a syllable, assuming that the word 'the' is replacing one of the syllables?
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My thinking was this:

The original verse: "Denn wir fahren gegen Engeland" "Then we sail against England"

I couldn't quite seem to find a way to say that in a way that fit.  There's no word in English that quite fits "gegen" (against or opposed to). I decided to use, ironically, a more English colloquial "off to fight the Brits". 
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haha i must laugh because its funny to translate a song wich is against england in english xD
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The irony of language. :p 
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Excellent this one of my most favourite songs since Hellsing Ultimate XD
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I loved the Abridged version as well. x3
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