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1. What programs do you use?
Digital: SAI Painter, Bamboo Fun tablet
Traditional: Acrylic paint, soft pastels, number 2 pencil

2. How long have you been drawing?
Since I can remember! I've only taken a few art classes from middle school to college, so most of it is just practice practice practice and looking at other artists and tutorials. I still have a long way to go, especially since I don't have the time to always do art, but it's just a fun hobby of mine.

3. Do you take requests?
Not really. Sometimes I might ask for requests, but otherwise I try to do a lot of free art as it is, both gifts and freebies for everyone.

4. Do you take commissions?
Not usually.

5. What things do you draw?
I'm down for almost anything, but I definitely lean towards drawing animals like horses, big cats and wolvey things. I like to do monsters though and other species, and am trying to get better with humans and landscapes, but those are the most difficult for me right now.

6. Can I use your art?
If it's under the freebie section then yes go right on ahead no need to ask! I'm pretty lenient with my freebies, so you can modify them, use them anywhere and even use them commercially (most of the time). Just please credit me in some fashion, be it in the art, in the description or directing people towards me when they ask! As far as all my other art, I'll have to say no since it's usually for other people and just for them.

7. Who are you?
I go by Bluside (BlusideofLife) in the internet world, but you can call me Blu or Haylee. I'm just your typical art aficionado mucking around with her own 'skills' in her spare time. I'm a college graduate with a degree in Animal Science and Management, and I have a huge affection for the ocean, western themes, and fantasy. Blue is my favorite color and Lions are my favorite animal. I also love geckos, cats, dogs, and horses! I actually own a blue roan Quarter Horse mare named Rainy.