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YAY! 2 weeks before summer school :( bleh.
bf leaves soon...
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Got me waiting
waiting in a building
with my pockets empty
in need of visine cause the
air is poorly filtered, the smoke
getting trapped in my eyes, swelling
my pupils. She has to beg to get you to
leave. Keep pushin' pushin' pushin' those
buttons. What are the odds? Trying to keep
her awake on the road back home 'cause she's
dead tired with work on her mind in the few short
hours to come.  And to think, the hard earned $ gone
in a matter of minutes... All because we are fools. Fools
yearning, hungry for the $$$. So sick knowing it's a monthly
routine. Repeat till I'm dead.
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In this time of need, I am asking for those of you who pray, who care & who can help out a little by donating & sending out your prayers to such a devastating point in history. Evacuations are happening all over the county & a few hundred homes have burned down completely... The air is thick & making it hard to breathe.... To touch base with what is going on in San Diego, please check out:……

All San Diego District schools are closed on Tuesday, October 23rd.
# Campuses in the San  Diego Unified School  District will be closed on Tuesday, October 23. Parents are welcome to pick up their students early Monday.
# The San Diego City College District, campuses and offices will be closed as of 3 p.m. Monday. This closure affects 100,000 students and 6,000 employees.
# Escondido Adventist Academy, a private K-12 school in Escondido will be CLOSED Tuesday, October 23.
# SDSU has announced all classes are cancelled for the remainder of the day. Faculty has been asked to stay on campus until 2pm today.
# Julian Elementary School, Julian Middle School, Julian High School districts
# Escondido Union Elementary School District
# All schools within the Poway and Ramona Unified School Districts.
# All schools in Jamul, Delzura Union School District
# Steele Canyon High School
# Dehesa Charter School in Escondido
# Palomar Mountain Elementary School in Valley Center
# Cornerstone Christian School in Poway
# Arts & Letters in Rancho Bernardo
# Newbridge School in Poway
# Calvary Christian Academy in Chula Vista

-I hope these fires die down, 1000 firemen are on their way into SD County, Thanks for trying to prevent & put out the fires, you are all risking your lives for everyone...0% of the fires are contained. This is just so sad...TO those of you in San Diego, be prepared to evacuate your home..

Everyone stay safe & Pray for those who are affected by these fires...
:) So it's been 2 years ago today, that I joined this artsy website :) Wow, that was a loong time ago! I haven't uploaded any new art lately, I've been lazy & being out & about with summer & all. Maybe I'll create something later today. But I have my registration/orientation & senior pictures today. So that should be some fun. Well just wanted to let that out that. Heh :D
:) I am Officially a Senior now.
How exciting. I passed my TPOL
on wednesday. & I went to HTHI's
first graduating class ceremony today.
It was very motivational :) I'm going
to miss class of 2007, they had a lot of
spunk. But 2008 will leave a big mark in
HTHI history, I have got to say that .Yep
Hope everyone has a safe & amazing summer
ahead of them :D
You like my kawaii stuff right? Well, I'm kinda in need of some extra
$$ right now, so I'm selling some of my cute stuff ;( sadly, I know.
But please please please check it out here:
I'm willing to let some items go even lower, & theres a buy one item,
get one item free of equal or lesser value. So pleaseeeeeeeee check it
out. I also need to get rid of junk in my room (my mom's getting MAD at
me for so much clutter around the room) hehe :giggle: but take some stuff
off my hands, and just help me out, i'd really appreciate it ^_^.
thanks guys!

here's the link again:

take stuff! pleaaaaaaaaase ;] & if you don't use LJ, you can
always leave an anonymous comment BUT leave an email, or note me on here ;]
i'll reply, promise. <3
Please answer this: I don't care how old you are now...i need some answers ;]
whatever you think about this:

What do you think about society, is it getting better or worse? Please explain why or why not....

I really need 12+ people to answer this question for me. PLEASE :love:
Please answer this:

What do you think about society, is it getting better or worse? Please explain why or why not....

I really need 12+ people to answer this question for me. PLEASE :love:
Ray & I have been together for One year & 7 months today. :love:
We've been through some rough times, but definitely plenty of great times that over rule the bad.  I haven't seen him for 11 days, and there are 11 more to go :disbelief: it's horrible being so far away from each other BUT distance makes the :heart: grow fonder. I can't wait to see him May 6th :aww: Ray is worth the wait. :blushes:  There are times where I know I'm a pain in his ass, but he's stuck beside me through it all & I can't thank him enough for it. :nod: I have a great feeling when I'm with him. I miss him lots, I can't wait!!! Anyway, happy one year & 7 months raybaby <3 :rose: I Love You :kiss:
Break was a nice one ;] But man oh man. I wasn't ready to start up with school again. The first day back wasn't fun. We did actual work -_- teachers....bahhhhh.  The weather has been pretty moody lately. I don't like the cold.  I went back to internship today, and it was soooo lovely seeing the little kiddos again. I love them. BUT I hated when I was watching over the sandbox & the little 6 year old hit my face :angry: wth?! She needed to CALM down. I miss my boyfriend. I wish he didn't have to live so far away /)_-.
Anyway, how is everyone's spring season coming along? Hope it's great ^_^
Raybaby & I's anniversary. Time goes by so
so so fast. We've been through so much. I
know he supports me  100% in whatever I do.
& I thank God for the blessing. He brings out the
best of me :) & I love being around him.  I only
get to see him once a week since he lives an hour
away. But its worth the wait & I love every second
spent with him. Raybaby, you are amazing :love:
Happy 17th Birthday CaseyFacey, I love You.
Thanks for being such a great friend for these
three years that I've known you. I hope all your
wishes come true & you get what you want on
your birthday ;] <3 Have a great one.
Today I did Community service/Volunteer work at the St.Vincent de Paul
homeless shelter place.  Oh let me tell you the experience it was to just
see 987 people stand in line to get a tray of food for lunch.  & to think,
a lot of people in the world do this every day just to get a meal.  It made
me think about how lucky I am to have what I do.  It hurt me to realize
this so late.  I want to cherish EVERYTHING.  Shows how much greed &
corruption is in the world nowadays.  I picked up empty trays for washing,
& I scooped beef stew into each tray for the people.  Some were rude &
some were extra appreciative for the help they were given.  Every time I
received a thank you, it made me smile.  Let me know, take a second to
think about all the things you have in your life... do you feel any different?
There are so many people that don't get to live the lives we live, EVEN if
we may have it worse than some, we still have it better than someone else.
I'm content with life at the moment. I couldn't have asked for more... it's
the materialistic things that kill us all.  God Bless you all :heart:
San Diego has been pretty cold lately :tears:
I miss my baby. & I am so relieved I'm done
with half the year :D Passing grades too ^_^
Bring in the new year :w00t: yes! Out with the old &
in with the new. I hope this year starts off to be
a good one. I'm just praying:pray: things will get better
at home, in school and everywhere else. Hope all
you deviants had a great celebration. Time to go
back to school on wednesday :( boo. I'm sick getting
over my sickness :sick: Spent time with all my loved :love:
ones the past few days & it was awesome :party: Stay safe

New Year Resolutions________________
1. -Do good in school/Prepare for SAT /)_- :work:
2. -Get a job & save money  :fingerscrossed:
3. -Get my priorities straight :star:
4. -Help my mom around the house
5. -Get my license LMAO!!! >_< :pointandlaugh:
6. -Stay organized  :shakefist:
7. -Eat healthier >_< (can't get sick again!) :hmm:
it wasn't all that great, it reminded me of last
year, not many people remembered but its okay,
the ones that care most remembered (; i :heart: them :love:
so i'm 17 now, and i don't feel any different yet. hehe
wow, i can't believe i have 10,000 page views :O thats crazy!!!
lol thanks for all my watchers :love:
Sorry I haven't really had the time to update,
i've been busy with school work & LJ I haven't
had much time to update this. I recently joined:
Polymer-Rainbows(link down) even though i'm new at
working with sculpey ^_^ join if you like working
with it too. =D

This weather is so LAME >;/ I hate
the cold & I also hate the rain. makes
me sad & sleepy & wanting a person to
cuddle with (ray:heart:) :(
Storm =D Yee. We won our first game.
What a great way to start off. I'm glad
I had my 3 cheerleaders there, nicole,
natasha & my one and only Ray:heart:
it meant alot to me that they showed up
^_^ I was nervous as hell though, MVHS
looked intimidating. We held it down for
high tech high though :) but for the sad

R.I.P Grandma Rojo<3 :(
Things happened so fast,
Ray was here when it happened
:( & it makes me feel bad because
he could've been with you. I know
you are in a better Place now.