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Sup beautiful people! Sorry for not updating in May - I figure since I posted twice in January and once every month since, I still averaged once a month, plus my medical exam stuff, I figured I'd cut myself some slack and just skip to June. Plus, I don't have any other coloured pictures backlogged now, meaning I need to actually get my butt colouring some stuff this month, so that might be a wait :XD: We'll see! 

Real simple image here; I'm gonna go ahead and guess because I drew his siblings the previous year (without him; shame on me!), I figured Seth here (in all his cat glory) was due for some art time. But probably wasn't feeling up to anything complex, so went for a stand alone, but with him doing a semi interesting pose/gesture.

And what about, you ask? Beats me :lol: Maybe he's dissecting an important topic of discussion. Or dramatically gesturing to something we can't see. Or questioning your life choices. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE :ohnoes: 

Sometimes it just helps or is nice to keep things simple, dude :P

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Sometimes simple poses make for the best scenes. (And an excuse to practice anatomy and/or interesting scenes. ) Seth hmm...I'm trying to place him...I can't seem to remember much about him, but I'll poke around your gallery for a refresher. *waggles fingers* :lol: I really like the geometric background and the fresh, popping colours. :meow: Makes me think of tetris for some reason. :giggle:

Also if I may ask, i saw on your front page the WIP list is no longer there. Did you take it down for a redesign or was it just stressful having it up? I enjoyed seeing what you had planned, though. ^_^

I hope things are improving on your end. I know it's tiring saying the same things over and over, especially when you're hurting. :hug: