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Colour - Prologue - Page 17



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Page originally posted September 6th, 2007.

Scene summary: Darlene puts the baby down to rest, while Dara reluctantly makes his departure for the time being.

(Slow scenes done! For now anyway =P Still, I thought this was a cute way to end it, showing Dara's already very strong connection to his little brother. Very protective~ Fitting, given later events and Stanley are many things Graff will need protecting from ;_; Dara's face in the third panel is still quite endearing.)

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Let me just state what everyone has been thinking this chapter: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW. <3

Except the curtains aren't joyful anymore 8( They're all "childbirth really tired me out mang *doesn't flap in the breeze anymore*"