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Page originally posted August 2nd, 2007.

Scene summary: Despite being slightly put off by the fact he has to wait longer yet to see his mother and the new baby, Dara reluctantly submits to the logic of the situation, still gladdened at the news.

(Gotta love how Dara does a 180 in mannerism there :giggle: "...B-b-but D: I DUN WANNA WAIT!" "...Well, okay... Momma does need her rest ;_;" "EEEEE, BABY BROTHER :heart:" xDDD He's so cute~ Especially his dashed expression at the beginning. And ah, in case of panel confusion, it reads, top left, top right, middle right, bottom left, bottom right. Hope you're all mananging okay 8D; And don't forget... say goodbye to Doctor Regan- we won't be seeing him for a looong looong time >>; *beaten by his fans*)

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Ah I see how it is... Deprived of your ability to EXTREMEEYECLOSEUP, instead you move to EXTREMEMOUTHCLOSEUPS? 8|

Those are like the most joyful looking curtains ever shyt son. FLAPPIN IN DA BREEZE, SUN SHININ TRU.