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Page originally posted October 4th, 2007.

Scene summary: So the whole mess pretty much started with Earth being half destroyed by space junk, much like it did when dinosaurs walked the Earth. Hence, the human race pretty much sees 90% (give or take) of its population anihilated right there and then. Like the dinosaurs, the remaining numbers dwindle and are pretty much heading towards the end, regardless.

(HEY, I CAN DRAW DINOSAURS. Go me! :D *bricked* That fellow is actually one I recall seeing in one of my younger brother's many dinosaur books many years ago. It was called a cryolophosaurus; I was always interested by it's apparent depiction, including that nifty crest it had. And oh look... crappily drawn human girl! Not so much go me D: *slapped* I guess she's not TOO bad, but definitely improvement could be made ._. Eventually!)

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You had no idea how surprised I was when I saw you draw a dinosaur XD

I always liked the middle panel |D