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Deviantart Questionare
How long have you been on DeviantArt?
9 years - will be 10 next years in january or februrary
What does your username mean?
It's one of my OC's names. She was going to be my fursona, or rather what I sort of wish I was - but it never quite stuck.
Describe yourself in three words.
Stubborn. Imaginative. Odd.
Are you left or right handed?
I'm a righty. c:
What was your first deviation?
... I actually don't know. I actually think it was my first picture of Lindsay or it was Balto art/fan art. Either way I believe I've deleted it by now sadly.
But here's some of my older works;

What is your favorite type of art to create?
Digital now, though traditional still holds a special place in my heart.
If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I don't know if I would, I mean there are amazing artists with skill I wish I had - but no so much styles. Though being able to actu
:iconlindsayprower:LindsayPrower 4 4
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Stuff I'm Working On

Completed 15 inked pieces.

-Sketched: 1) Mason & Sacha (inking)
2) Jacque - Feeling Catty Part 2 (sketching)
3) Dallas & Joey Warbek.
4) Seth Rhoedor.
5) Lydia Parker.

-Inked: 1) Masevar Rhoedor.
2) Kassandra Hayes.
3) Zane & Des'ree - Eternally Bonded.
4) Buckthorne & Bullseye.
5) Amber Torra - Bi Pride.
6) Hunter (Gift Art for ZaneRedrald)

-Coloured: 1) Darlene & Graff.
2) Bradley & Carla - Emotionally Invested Part 2.
3) Tyson & Casey.


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7:03 pm
Oct 19, 2018
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Oct 19, 2018
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Oct 16, 2018
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Oct 16, 2018
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Things I Owe/Am Owed

(Just keeping a list of things here to keep track.)

- Christmas Card 2018 (plotting)

Comissions & Art Trades:

- Inked Commissions from ZaneRedrald (4)


The good news - work has been slowing down, and art progress hasn't been half bad this month :) The bad news - I got a cold last week and it's still kinda lingering a bit :< Boo.
Hey guys~ A few things to explain my silence on here of late:

1) My hubby ZaneRedrald arrived in June, starting off a six month long stay. More elaboration on that later :O (but obviously enjoying spending time with him again :heart:)

2) Recent renovations/upgrades, including a new bed, and just today, a new laptop. So trying to unpack and reorganize a lot of stuff lately and still in the middle of a lot of the process.

3) Working in the hospitality business during tourist season/summer time. RIP me xD Free time is a scarce luxury right now and it's prioritized to hubby/family and recharging myself @_@ 

I'll try to update eventually, but I figured a explanation was owed at least. I still check and enjoy the updates of others everyday! Hope you're all having a good summer :)

It's been a year - how've you been?

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 15, 2017, 8:12 PM


Cari attempts Youtube: Introduction: Tools of the Trade
(Part 1)…
(Part 2)…


Well, it's practically been a year since I last properly updated this journal. HELLO CHILDREN~

So, wow, where do I even start? I can TRY to maybe do a monthly summary, but considering how long ago some were, that may be hard to do. I'll give it a shot though :O I do update SOME life tidbits on my Twitter, so let's see what I can make from those.

Last November: ...Boom. I turned 30. It was... a bit of a headtrip. I in NO way feel I should be this age, for a variety of reasons D: I know, age is just a number and it's more about how you feel or whatever. I think it's the stupid expectations that comes with it. That at 30, I should be in a different or certain place in my life. And the number just makes you feel guilty or lousy that you aren't. Personally, it makes me feel really immature/embarrassed that there's still a lot of things I don't know/have a grasp of.

I know though; there's no sense in being depressed about it. Either I need to ammend that stuff or just accept it. Bleh XP Moving on!

Last December: Not remembering much there? General holiday season cheer and activities and such (which I do enjoy muchly, I'm just not recalling anything out of the ordinary). OH! I did win a gift card from my workplace's Christmas staff party though 8D The notable part about this is that it's the third time I've won something from my staff party. (I have one supervisor that's been there for like 20+ years and hasn't won anything EVER, if that's an indication.) So that was highly amusing and I got some nice tops with it |D

January: I had a soft tissue ultrasound appointment for my groin/pelvic area. Back in November, I was seeing a new doctor (my old one has semi-retired, so I can choose to see this new one) and explained my whole pelvic/groin story to him. So he arranged to get me that soft issue ultrasound (just takes weeks to actaully get an appointment) It was pretty straight forward, regarding the exam itself. As usual, I didn't get a call back with any results :| So they didn't find anything there. New doctor convinced me to try physiotherapy again though.

February: BUT FIRST - I had another health scare with something else. Thought I had an infection of sorts. Luckily, all I had to do was some urine tests. Turns out - FALSE ALARM >> *facepalm* One of my initial tests was compromised. I was fine. Just freaked the hell out and got the run around for nothing :| Other than that, I don't recall anything notable this month.

March: Because having my own health scares aren't bad enough... my poor cat Milo ended up having a bad one D: He was constantly in his litter box and struggling to pass anything... so I took him to the vet. They couldn't get a proper urine sample from him, so we had to wait overnight and I had to take him in the morning and leave him there for most of the day for them to get a proper sample. Some testing, an enema, and some meds later, I got him back with a three page handout about feline idiopathic cystitis. Thankfully, his urine culture test was fine, no infection. And after that, and some medication for a few days, he was well and acting himself again. So, it was scary (and a bit expensive), but all's well that ended well at least. (He's still fine to this day too!)

April: I did something I never thought I'd do... I bought a Playstation 4. What's more? After Brandon hinting for nearly four years... I bought a copy of Final Fantasy XIV Online. (What helped this spur of events was - I upgraded my cellphone to a Samsung S5 Neo, which came with a $250 Best Buy gift card. With that, plus some serious sales that were going on at the time, I bought said PS4 and game for a grand total of only $100ish out of my own pocket :D BOOYEAH.)

May: Finally started playing Final Fantasy XIV. It was... a LOT of getting used to XD; I am a complete and utter train wreck when it comes to modern games. But I mean, I've never played ANYTHING MMO or on that level, so it was just, staggering :O But thankfully, I had/have hubby to basically PRINCESS CARRY ME THROUGH EVERYTHING. xD He has been unendingly patient and helpful with me since the beginning and still assists me quite a bit to this day. Because he is number one husbando and also BEST TANK |D His dark knight saves my DPS plebian lancer/dragoon butt ;w; I could ramble about that more, but I'll save it for later.

June: My mom wanted to go camping but no one in the family except me wanted to go. So she was all SCREW IT WE'LL GO OURSELVES THEN! And I was like, I HOPE YOU KNOW HOW TO DO SHIT THEN :'D We figured out the tent and my mom knows how to fire, so. Somehow, I managed to wreck myself though xD One of the tent poles was cracked, and I wound up with at least four teeny tiny splinters in my thumb. IT! SUCKED! D| Thank goodness she had a safety pin, I was fishing them out for the next couple days >>; (actually though? One is still in there. It was just one hair too deep for me to dig out without causing more bleeding and flesh wounding. So I was just like SCREW IT. And it healed over. Before you freak out, no it never got infected or hurt me or anything. It's just a teeny little black dot under the skin. If it DID ever go bad, I'd go to the doctor) And ALSO. I got some nice sunburn on both shoulders :B FRIED 'EM. (In my defense, usually when we go camping it's not NEARLY as hot as it was.) You'd think my ass had never been camping outdoors before, lawl.

Despite all that, it was actually quite fun :D We had a good time, enjoyed good food, had some nice scenery walks and BEAUTIFUL weather. (I'm disappointed I didn't get to swim, because it was totally warm enough, but oh well) And let me tell you; sharing a six man tent between only two people is excellent. SO MUCH ROOM~ But yeah, I wouldn't mind doing it again perhaps.

July: Okay, I'm totally blanking on this month? I think it just kinda went. I mean, if I don't do anything in summer (like camping, travel, etc.) I'm pretty much just working, since summer is hospitality business peak season. I was enjoying the weather all good and well though; got lots of tank top and shorts wear :D Like, at LEAST three months solid worth of it! I was totally chuffed. And speaking of work, VERY happy to say the crew we had with us this year was MUCH better than last year. Finally some OLDER ladies, or at least more mature about the job. Can't say how relieved that makes me! ^^

August: I SAW MY VERY FIRST CONCERT 8U My mom picked it out several months back. It's funny, we went through a few options in the beginning XD First off, we were gonna see U2 (because of their anniversary for their "Joshua Tree" album), but the tickets spiked up to a price range we weren't into. Then my mom suggested Queen (with Adam Lambert) which I was on board with - but then she changed her mind, because she technically already HAS seen that before. Then she was trying to convince me on Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper, and I wasn't really into that. Well, finally she called me up one day and was like "LADY GAGA IS COMING - I ALREADY BOUGHT THE TICKETS. GO GET SOME ALBUMS!" xD Luckily for her, I already like Lady Gaga well enough and do already own some albums. She bought Joanne though so I got to sample that, and it's really good~ So I was all geared to go.

Anywho, we went over to Vancouver by foot, so we had to use transit the whole time. It wasn't tooo bad, but I definitely should have packed less >>; Standing for long periods with two bags is NOT fun. And we got misinformed on one route or two, but luckily it's so constant we caught the next ones soonish. The worst part was getting back FROM the concert in the late evening. We were following crowds out in the street so we didn't get stranded alone anywhere (we were following this sports team who had jerseys that said "YASS" on the back. I lol'd) My mom is a total extrovert who has no problems asking strangers for help, so she talked to a woman who helped us flag down a cab. And we ended up taking a train (like, a modern one) to visit some family while we were there, which was a nice smooth ride :3 The family visit was fun too; I hadn't seen those relatives in several years.

BUT OH YEAH. THE CONCERT? Well, it started rather late, because turns out, it was the VERY first concert of the Joanne tour, so there were some technical difficulties. We were waiting outsite for awhile, and then we were waiting in our seats longer ^^; BUT! It was worth it. Lady Gaga put on an AMAZING show. The production was stellar and the costumes were excellent! (my mom was trying to keep count of all the costume changes... I think she counted 12ish?) And honestly, I think being up in the nose bleed seats is great. I mean, yeah you're far away from her, but the volume is good. Like, I figure the closer you get, the more you go damn well deaf 8|; From where we were, the music was the right amount of loud and vibrating your entire person. Besides - the way her performances worked out, she had a piano stage right underneath us! She came out there at least three times :D

So yes, it was pretty amazing. (My mom has been to like 20+ concerts in her lifetime and even she said it was one of the best shows she's seen) Mom and I are trying to see if we can go see Pink next year, but that might be out of our price range D: I might see if maybe I can convince her to see Katy Perry - I think she has some that are still affordable.

September: Nothing I can think of to report here? The last month of busy season, so just working and making money to make up for all the dough I spent in the summer/concert trip :P

So there you go! Basic summary of my random life shenanigans over the past year. I'M A BORE! :bricked* Hopefully someone gets a kick out of reading this. I'll try to update a journal a bit on the lighter side (maybe another meme/tag thing, or an event specific topic) a lot sooner! I'll have some new art for you soon too~ Until next time, pretties! :heart:

Art Related Stuff

Requests/Gifts: No/By own decision.
Art Trades: Maybe/Depends on my workload.
Commissions: Maybe/Note me for details.

My Husby



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Creator of Colour
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
As of 2015, I've been diagnosed with a very baffling and stubborn case of osteitis pubis, which I've been struggling to recover and heal from (albeit very unsuccessfully and/or slowly thus far). It may not be life threatening, but it's very physically debilitating at times. Even simple activities like sitting to draw or being at my laptop can cause pain flare ups before long.

My passion for my work and keeping up with dA haven't faded... but my physical capability at this time makes it difficult to be as active as I once was. I've been told repeatedly that I won't be stuck in this state forever; it's just going to be a very long recovery it seems. Don't give up on me - I haven't given up on you guys :hug: Thank you all for your support!!


Hi there! Thank you for paying my little space of deviantART a visit, I certainly hope you enjoy what you see, since it's something I enjoy doing :)

A little about me? I'm from Canada, I have a cat, and a fairly big family :O I'm also married to ZaneRedrald whom I love very much~

I'm a bit of a private person, and can be forgetful, so please forgive me if I'm not very social or don't respond to (all) comments. But rest assured, I appreciate all and everyone who takes the time to show support and encouragement to my work :love: You make sharing my passion all the more fun!

I also enjoying writing, which you're free to browse on my writing account BBC3TheStoryGirl and also recommend my webcomic, Colour, for a little bit of both creative spectrums. Love to all you other crazy creators around the world! :heart:

(P.S. I do llama exchanges for anyone interested =P)


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