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older kataang sketch

Sorry to those that dont like these, hehe ^^; most enjoyed the other drawing, so I thought I would upload this one I had sitting around. Yeah, another doodle~ yeah I doodle very sloppy ^^;

I'll move it to scraps later:heart:

little older aang and katara from avatar
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I just finished watching the whole series over again. Man, still blown away. And, seriously, this is just awesome even for a doodle. You do awesome work, mate.
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I love your art. It's got such a retro vibe to it. I love retro and Kataang, so that means EPIC WIN! :D
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-smiles- pretty soo sweet.
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I just stumbled upon this when I was searching for a picture of Aang in his new yellow sweatpants from the finale, and I must say, even though it's a quick doodle, I love it!
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aw thank you! hahaha yellow sweatpants :lmao:
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This simple style is so soft and lovely. Beautiful.
sketchingserendipity's avatar
ooh, really cute! love the colors, and Aang's little half-smirk over-the-shoulder. :D
would you mind if I used this in a wallpaper I'm putting together? I would, of course, credit you completely.
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This is so pretty, I love the colors and your style is so pretty. :)
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I am falling head over heals for your Aang Katara art! It just makes me so happy. I love how Aang seems much older, but not yet quite an adult. He still has that boyish air that makes him him.

Great job, I cannot say that enough :D
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Dreamblue-Ponies's avatar
oh I love the colors in this one! ^_^
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oooooooooooo sexy ^___^ i really like katara...
dertar's avatar

so cool
Blush-Art's avatar
:D thanks so much!
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gwah you make me want to watch avatar! i've been slacking lately..
i <3 your sketches, great fun colors
LaSusina's avatar
Oh, that new!
Good idea, good job
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I love when you make Avatar fanart, I wish you did more. :XD:
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Haha! Aang looks like a pimp with that necklace on. xD

I love this sketch. Their poses are excellent. And they both look gorgeous. <3
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I actually like this one more than the other one, because of Aang's pose.

OMG u drew more animu!....I mean cartoons...!!!!

Chat speak fails me.
Raven-the-White's avatar
Yeah, another doodle~ yeah I doodle very sloppy

haha. i actually like "doodles-in-the-rough." i'm weird. the sketchier the better. x3 maybe that's why no one likes my art. 0_<;
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