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struggling with mental health
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“Mummy, mummy, mummy! Why are they so cruel?

Why do they all laugh at me when I go to school? And when I get a job? And when I leave home?

And when I start a family? And even when I’m dead?”

Mummy said “poor sweetie what do they say? After they make a joke do they say JK?”

I said “no” she said “oh! That’s really bad,

I always say JK after having a laugh”

“Mummy mummy mummy! What do we do?”

She said “first thing tomorrow we take you out of school

You don’t have to get a job to start a family would be cruel

It is such a pain to have to be related to you”

And then I waited.... and I waited... and I waited all day

But mummy never went on to say JK

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Happy birthday! I hope it's a good one.

Woooah, thank you so so much!!!! <3333

Oh, hello!

I tried to join you on you adopts account few days ago, fortunately, I follow the links to your fa that led me here eheh.

I was interested in a couple of your adopts on your other accounts, I don't know if your still interested to sell them ? Actually I can do pts only tho' (I don't want to waste your time, so I mention right away ^^').

Thanks for your answer

I hope you have a nice day :)

Yo! Geee! I totally forgot about the adopt account! I am 100% fine with points, just tell me which ones you want and sorry for neglecting my adopt account, it happens a lot after dA changed to eclipse, haha! Are you all right with chatting here or should I switch to carringe? ;)

I'm alright chatting here :)

Let me do a list with those I like ?

That way, I'll claim them at once ^^k

Ps it's alright, I feel you 100% about eclipse. It took me a while to come back on here and post XD

Edit : here'S the list

#3 on there

If you take pts, if not it's alright


same thing

#1 + #2

#4 + #10


And... that's all ^^

You have a lot of pretties there :)


no 4 here -->

Adventable 2020 - Day 12 - [4/4 OPEN]

Is already taken on furaffinity :((( Sorry for inconvenience

Other than that, everything looks fine!

haha, thanks, It's a shame I do not really take care of that account now ;; Well, that's the part of growing up I suppose!

Anyway, as you can see, all except #4 on mentioned adoptable is open, so you are free to grab them. Let me knoe if you want to swap #4 for something different or just ditch it, leaving you with 1700 pts total ;)

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