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Yes. Fellow deviants have shown me the error of my ways and convinced me to change my DA-name to what it should always have been: My own. No fuss, no muss.

Furthermore, the always incredible stamina and skill of Mr--Jack has made me to rip off his idea of a 30-day art challenge in an effort to get my drawing-in-my-spare-time engines going again. So, for the next 30 days (starting tomorrow) I shall endeavour to produce a piece a day, and could really use your help for two things:

1: Motivation! As in people to mock me if I fail to live up to it (fairly sure I can count on you bastards lovely people for that :P ).

2. Topics! I'll come up with stuff anyhow, but feel very much free to shoot ideas or requests at me. I'm looking for something short and keywordy, like "frog-warrior riding a war-fox into battle", as well as something I'd be willing to do in the first place - that means filth is obviously welcomed but likely won't see results.

What I will make for you
- Pretty much anything, be it your original designs or fan-art for existing franchises

What I will not make for you
- Straight-up porn
- Anything I deem *too* racey/offensive/annoying/ugly/stupid - you get the drift
- Anime faces, ewww

What I need from you
In order to request a commision, send me a PM. Be sure to include as much info as possible. The more info you give me, the closer the finished product will be to what you have in mind, and the less time will be wasted on iterations and edits.

Example: For a character, describe it in as much detail as you can. Things like the character's age, image references, personality traits, bad habits, specific tattoos, earrings, clothing, body type, ANYTHING that is relevant. Colours for hair, clothing, eyes, or any other important feature. I will ask questions where necessary, but in general: the more you tell me, the less time will be spent on subsequent editting, which will get you your image faster.

Please note that an image with very specific requirements will usually take more time to do and will probably require more rounds of editing than something where you leave the interpretation up to me. This means it will usually be  more expensive as well.

The process of making your image will go something like this:
1. You send me a PM containing the requested material noted above.
2. We agree on the terms, and I send you a rough, low-res sketch of the general composition of the image and the subject in question. Iteration as needed. If the sketch is not satisfactory, another may be requested, within reason.
3. Once the sketch is accepted, you must transfer the fee to my Paypal account; the main painting will not start before the payment is received.
4. I receive the money, and start the painting proper. I block in the main features and get the overall colours and lighting in, then send you an update for you to crit and request edits on (again, within reason. It will not be acceptable for you to change your mind about the general composition and such at this stage). Revision will be performed as needed, but within reason - I will not keep refining ad infinitum.
5. Once the above has been approved by you, I finish the image, and you get the finished image in full resolution.

All of the following examples and prices are rough estimates. The price will vary depending on what you're asking for - extra characters, requested level of detail, extremely specific requirements, difficulty and so on - these all affect the time I will need to invest in a picture, and thus also affects the price I ultimately will ask for. All payments will be performed through Paypal.

Smaller pieces - 75€
Dragon by BluntieDK Falcobotamurai by BluntieDK Googly-eyed swords by BluntieDK

Medium  pieces - 150€
DW4: Mini1 - General by BluntieDK WoW: Kitten by BluntieDK Royale with cheese by BluntieDK

Larger pieces - 300€
Dark Heresy: Gregan Hephastus by BluntieDK Pirate babe, how original by BluntieDK City Approach by BluntieDK

The boring and grown-up stuff
- I reserve the right to decline any commission request without question.
- I reserve the right to adjust the pricing on a request before I start the commission, depending on difficulty, time scale etc.
- I reserve all rights to the artwork and you may not make money from it without prior consultation with me. But apart from that, you are free to use your commissioned piece as you see fit. You are not required to link back or credit, but it would be appreciated. :)
- I reserve the right to display a commissioned piece on my Deviant Art gallery and to use it in my portfolio. If the piece contains an original character or design of yours, then all proper credit will be given to you accordingly.
- Regular commissions cover NON-commercial use only. You may not make prints of my work to sell and you may not use it in any capacity that lands you a profit without prior agreement with me. I still hold legal rights to the art. Commissioning me means that you are agreeing to those terms.
- All commissions will be started and finished in the order that I receive payment. I will only accept a certain amount of commissions at once.
- Payment is required after the preview sketch is accepted and further work will not be done until payment is in my account.
- All commissions are non-refundable.
- These rules may change at any time, though the old rules will remain in effect for any client I am already in the process of producing a commission for. You are responsible for reading and agreeing to them before a commission starts.
- I will take on a limited amount of commissions at a time - you may be turned down if I exceed this limit.

That should be it, really! Let's get to it!
Hey, everyone!

Recently been checking back in on Deviant Art. Haven't been visitting properly (nor uploading for that matter), and man, lookit all the new features! Gonna try something to make my page a little snazzier, I think. I subscribe after all, might as well take advantage of the options given to me. Journal skins? Custom boxes? Hot damn!

So, where am I and why ain't I uploading any bodacious pirate babes or any art in general? Well, I'm feeling very grownup these days, in that kinda "man, why don't I have time for all those great things I wanna do?"-kinda way...sadly including all the time I used to spend on doing my own art. Trying to get into the swing of things, but lawdy, it's hard getting up the energy for painting for fun when you've been painting at work all day already. Ah well. I got a minor piece in the works though, one of those images that just pop into one's head sometimes, one of those you just gotta put on paper cuz it's simply too cool not to. Or, well, it makes me giggle at least.

Oh, and Twin Peaks is still friggin' awesome. Just saw the pilot while enjoying well-deserved dinner. Agent Cooper still puts a wide grin on my face every time he as much as opens his mouth. Just brilliant.

Hope to see more of you all sometime soon and start hailing comments, crits and faves on you.

Till then, peace out.

So I'm looking over my account and seeing that I've been given some llama badges (thanks, by the way...I think?). What the deuce are llama badges? Have I missed out on something VITAL again?
Yeah, he actually is and is finding new terms for the word "busy" every day it seems. Personal pieces have pretty much ground to a standstill over the last year or so, because I am simply too busy with work, and utterly pooped when I get home. Buuuut it is something I am trying to get over. Idleness is the...something...bad. Bleh.

Anywho! The computer game industry, my current residence and paycheck provider. What a lovely place. A tough place, but a lovely and constantly challenging place. My former workplace, Zeitguyz Game Studios, sadly caved in earlier this year and had to close down. Investors pulled out before we could land a contract for our AWESOME game. Bummer. Mega, mega bummer. Possibly the greatest disappointment I've faced for quite a lot of years, if not THE disappointment of my life. I loved working there, and loved the people.

But if nothing else, I walked out of there with oodles of new experience and a taste for the industry, despite the ups and downs. So now I'm at Press Play...small danish game studio, working predominantly on Flash titles for online distribution, but also on a Wii title I can't speak much of...YET. It's good fun and I'm learning Flash, which is something I've wanted for a long time. With any luck, I'll get myself arsed together to do some Flash stuff soon to show you folks.

In any case...just wanted to update my journal and tell the ones that are still watching my journal that I'm not dead...just sleeping...and hopefully waking up. See you in the funny papers!

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  • Watching: Drawn Together for the 200th time
  • Playing: Star Wars Galaxies, once again
  • Eating: Healthier stuff than usual
Well, well, well! We're drawing in close on my 150.000th pageview, and I just felt I would reiterate my previous announcement of a contest:
Yes, it is still very much on! Send me an undoctered screenshot of you getting the 150.000th pageview on my page (or the closest entry I get), and you get a painting done by yours truly, featuring character, setting, mood and all that according to your specifications.

Go go go! And may the best man or babe win!

[Edit 26/3] And we have a winner! Congratulations to WhisperedThunder for submitting the winning shot. More on his request later when he gets back to me... :)
Better luck to the rest of you LOSERS at 250k! ;)
  • Listening to: Rolling Stones. Rock on.
  • Watching: Samurai Jack. Again.
  • Playing: Deus Ex 1. It still rocks.
  • Eating: Too much. Must be worked on.
Belated happy new year, everyone! It suddenly dawned on me that it has been six months since my last journal update. That's...sure lazy. Even for me.

However, I am anything but lazy these days. Wonderful things are happening to me, but said things are also very time-consuming, hence my rare-at-best updates.

For one thing, my job is lovely. I pride myself at still being able to call myself a professional concept artist at the lovely little computer game company Zeitguyz. We are currently deep in crunch on our first game, a rocking steampunk adventure with time travelling involved called Recoil: Retrograd. If all goes well, we are set to be release it within a couple of years for PC and Xbox 360.
I spend my days there doing primarily character designs, which is just all kinds of awesome. But that's also the reason I hardly post anything here...I draw 8-10 hours a day at creative energy is rather low when I DO get home in the evening. And no, I am not allowed to post anything just yet. But hopefully I will be allowed to at some point. :)

Secondly, I am moving! Again! Oh how I loathe and love moving, all at the same time. In collaboration with my kick-ass older brother, I've managed to sink my claws into an awesome little apartment. And no more simple renting it...this is MY place. Finally. My kitchen. My bathroom. My mess. I know call myself a man: A fort of my own and a mortgage. Huzzah. :)

And thirdly, I seem to be nearing 150.000 pageviews, and that of course calls for a competition. The rules will be the same as last time: The person to send me an undoctored screen-cap of being my 150.000th visitor (or the closest I get) will receive a painting done by me of a character of their own choice!

So for now, I shall sink back into packing stuff, oh so much stuff, so much HEAVY stuff, and wish you a pleasant day. :)
Mon May 7, 2007, 10:54 AM
99.018 pageviews as I write this...guess I should mark the occasion.
The one that supplies me with a (un-retouched) screenshot of being my one hundred thousandth visitor (or the closest one I receive in any case) will get a free painting of a character of their choice together with my pirate babe! Yarrrrr, how can you resist that!

[Update] What the...! You people are nuts! It's been less than 2 hours and more than a 1000 pageviews later! Think I need to make more competitions... :D

Anyhow! Congratulations to jaggedtoothgrin who got the 100.000th view! One bodacious piratebabe in the company of the winner's as-yet unselected choice of character coming up!

[Update 2] jaggedtoothgrin has stated the character wanted in the image, which will be his own character Jacqui...cyber - mecha - manga - hacker - thingie.

Mature Content

Jacqui by jaggedtoothgrin

Looking forward to getting cracking on this...should prove to be fun. ;D

[Update 3]
A mere two months later, and the image is complete! Never did say I was gonna deliever it FAST, now did I...?

100k competition winner by BluntieDK
Click the thumb for a look at the final.
T'is the day! Praise me and lavish me with gifts! Nothing too heavy though, I've turned 26 and need to look out for myself in my old age.

In other news, I've finally gotten myself a worthwhile job! I've been hired as a concept artist at the computer game company Zeitguyz and so far it seems like my prayers have been answered. Great people, great place, great game and great job.
Somebody go lavish some hugs on lovely Fealasy, she is more or less the one responsible for getting me the job. Thanks again, gorgeous. :)
Alright. Plenty of new year's resolutions as always, but professionally one stands above others:

Loosen up my style.

I need to work faster. Much faster. If I am to get a proper job in the biz, I will need to be able to finish an image in less than half the time I use now. That means I'll need to go more stylized and cleaner, yet somehow still retain a level of detail that is satisfactory. I'll need to focus even more on light and shadow. Lighting training above all. Lighting, focus and composition. Make things go "pow!" without having to spend ten hours on a piece of armor. Looking at so many talented people out there that can pour out a finished piece in a couple of hours, that still is way way better than my 30-hour marathon-images. This isn't whining. This is realising I need to shape up or slip out.

2007 will be rigorous. But I think it'll be a great year. I can't wait.
Well...things are a-changing...changing a lot. And change is good!

I quit WoW! Again! And this time I don't even feel like a crack-addict going cold turkey. It's just...died on me, really. Still gonna do fan-art occasionally though...the game may be blah, but the setting and design still rocks.

I quit my job! No more pro-illustrating for me for a while...while a nice job, I found it was simply strangling my want to do my personal stuff, and I just couldn't live with that. So! I will be taking myself a nice, long vacation now and then I will be heading out into the sun. Gonna be a construciton worker along with good friends...fresh air, exercise, shorter days, better pay. Sounds good to me! :D

I quit my place! Well...I'll be moving at least. New outlooks need new horizons.So...a bit smaller...but alot cleaner and cheaper. I need that. Not that I haven't enjoyed living with my good friend Malach over the last year or so...been some of the most exciting and most invigorating places I've lived actually. But, well...I need something new now.

So...with a bit of a trembling heart, but feeling like I could fly, I'll be setting off now...hopefully getting a lot more time to wind up the creative side of my brain again.

See you on DevArt! :D

50K! o.O

Tue May 2, 2006, 6:28 AM
Just wanted to say thanks everybody. Sorry I am not posting much at the moment, I am just covered in work and don't get much personal stuff done.
Still lubs yuu all though :)

:bulletred: HADDOCK'S BOOK
Yep. I definately feel like this is a good idea.
:bulletred: ZIRKUS
A pretty ambitious animation-and-music project me and a friend of mine are starting out on. Expect more on this soon.
:bulletred: CHAOS MARINE
I WILL finish…
:bulletred: LEARN FLASH
I am in dire need of learning how to use this program...I'll need to use it heavily for ZIRKUS, and I also just in general feel like telling stories, making movies, doing animation....mmm...creative juices gooood...

Xad's Journal 02.15

Wed Feb 15, 2006, 1:43 AM
Me and my mum have come up with an idea. We're going to do a children's book about our recently departed and dearly beloved cat Haddock. She's going to write 24 small chapters and I'm going to illustrate. Nothing big or fancy, just a little something to remind us of him, and to hopefully make some children squeal "kitty!". I feel good about'll be a nice departure from my usual stuff as well.
Plus, he deserves it. Damn, I miss him. "You never know what you have till you lose it." All too true.


:bulletred: HADDOCK'S BOOK
Yep. I definately feel like this is a good idea.
:bulletred: ZIRKUS
A pretty ambitious animation-and-music project me and a friend of mine are starting out on. Expect more on this soon.
:bulletred: CHAOS MARINE
I WILL finish…
:bulletred: LEARN FLASH
I am in dire need of learning how to use this program...I'll need to use it heavily for ZIRKUS, and I also just in general feel like telling stories, making movies, doing animation....mmm...creative juices gooood...

Yes! We have finally put the final touches on our latest game for cel-phones and web-browsers, and I must say I am pretty damn proud of the result. Me and the amazing Fealasy have provided all of the graphics. Hardly my usual style, but in general it has been fun to make. Test some limits and stuff. Fashion designer, me? Who would have thought it...


In the game, you take on the role of an aspiring supermodel. You start out with some crappy clothes and a little cash, and have to build a career from scratch from there on, competing against an already sizeable amount of other players in photoshoots. Clothes, accessories, fame, friendship and fiendish tactics is what it's all about.


Go check it out! I'd like to hear what you think about it!
:bulletred:CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE OFFICAL SITE! :bulletred: That lurvely time of year...roast duck, having a cold, getting presents, spending time with the parents, spreading good cheer, getting drunk, overeating. Wonderful.


It's still there, but slowly moving in the background. Why? Because a new year is looming! Full of new atrocities to commit on our fellow man, full of new rainforests to cut down, full of new wars to be made for profit, yes that's true...but also full of hope, promise, people to meet and stuff to do. Lots of stuff indeed.

2006 is so far shaping up to be a very interesting year for me. Lots of projects. And I feel an insane amount of creative juice building up within me, waiting to gush out of...uh...once I get back to my digitizer, that is. I'm currently on visit at my parents', and stupid, stupid I have not brought my digitizer. The wacom. The love child. Oh well. Come new years, and I will be heading back home.

Before this journal turns even more boring than it has to be, lemme ask you something...and implore you to answer to.

In the new year, World of Warcraft needs to take up less of my time, and I need to paint and draw a hell of a lot more. What is in your opinion, my weak sides? What would you like to see improved in my stuff? What are my weak spots? I got a good list of stuff myself that needs to be improved, but I'd really like to hear from you, friends and well...audience, what could use some work in your opinion. I need a focal point. And you can help me. Please do so.

Other than that...nothing left but to wish you a merry, merry christmas and a hell of a new year. Don't blow off your fingers. Do get drunk and grope the ladies though. Even if you're a girl.

I's outta here...peace, dawgs.
Yarrrr! This be a good time ta be a nerrrrd!! Between all the lovely fantasy, science fiction and adventure films coming up in the coming months, Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest has got a special place in my heart...and have not diminished since seeing the (although horrifically lo-res) teaser for it...

'Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Shiver those gangrenous guts a' yers and rattle yer bonebox! Otherwise it's de plank fer ya! Now fetch me de rum and bring out de fiddlers!
For Jark by BluntieDK
I believe the image speaks for itself.
I must admit I am seriously considering whether or not to continue using Deviant Art. Where once we had a smallish vibrant art community where people talked and had fun, we now have a beast that has simply grown too big to support its own weight.

Unless you happen to be in the 150.000+ pageview elite and get 600 "w00t, first comment! Wow cool picture!"-comments, or unless you only draw naked manga babes, there is just no way for anyone to get noticed around here. The same people dominate the favorite categories day in and day out, and I am growing damn tired of seeing a two-minute chibi of some anime celebrity reaching 2000 favorites in two hours.

I am sensing none of that old love for the place anymore. Too many new uploads make it impossible to make a difference anyway, and I am finding it increasingly difficult to get any kind of constructive criticism. Hell, I am finding it damn hard to get any kind of response at all (except for those few of you that DO leave good constructive crits. You know who you are and I love you for it.).

I think I'll do a little experiment, though. I think I'll shut down this account and try making a new one, just to put into practice if it is at all possible to dig through the muck at the bottom of the foodchain.

EDIT: Thanks for all the replys, everyone. You really made me think...and I apologize for sounding like a spoiled brat. I still feel the same 'bout Deviant Art, but hell if I'm gonna let that get to me. Ain't mine or anyone's fault that the community is shifting, it's the same thing as fashion...and if I don't like wearing purple and screaming orange just because it's the new "in", I'm free to wear whatever the hell I like. Phoo...enough of me sounding like an ass. Takes away valuable painting time. Peace, all.
Last journal entry january 15th...Whoa...has it really been that long? But with good reason, 'cause this year has just been out of this world so far! So many lovely projects to participate in, so many wonderful people to see...AND my life is really starting to shape up now: New job, and new home come next month! Hell yeah!

I've started work in a small computergame company that makes games for next-gen cel phones. It may sound silly, but this is the best damn thing to happen to me for a verrrry long time. See, I'm doing the graphics! I'm spending my days doing pixel-graphics, reminiscent of Amiga, Monkey Island, arcade, old-scool, delicious goodness! And damn...I've experimented a bit with the subject before, but now I'm realising it's really an artform in it's own way. Every pixel counts, put one in the wrong place and an expression or pose may be ruined.

I intend to upload a huge bunch of the sprites I've doneover the last couple of months soon...we just need to put the last finishing touches on the game and get it published fist.

As for my home situation, well, it's out of my aunt's house and into a whole building filled with close personal friends, including Malach and stoffer. Thanks for letting me in, means more to me than you know.

Oh...and it's spring! I've been lax on making and uploading personal stuff these past couple of months, but I can feel my creative energies have started pumping again. Yay!
  • Reading: A Song of Ice and Fire...AGAIN!!