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Day01: Match made in heaven

By BluntieDK
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Art Challenge day 1!

Krang and Zim are definately two of my favorite villains ever. I would pay good money to see those two team up in a new show.

Also, HOLY CRAP AM I RUSTY. Methinks getting back into it is a good idea. I shall have to reinvent my procedure a bit, I think. I can hardly remember how to put an image together. That's what I get for doing so much 3D at work. X_X
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Love how ZIM looks in this! Great job!
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This is the best crossover ever! I Hope IDW will do tmnt/invader zim crossover. 
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Thanks! And yeah, that would be lovely. :)
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This crossover is pure win and should happen.
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Indeed it is this is absolutely epic.
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Awesome he kind of remind of Modak here
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I wonder how Gir, Bebop and Rocksteady would be.
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the song that comes to mind when I look at this [link]
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Zim is awesome! Lovely job!
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I MUST GO THERE!!!!!!![link]
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I would fave this over and over again if I could! :+favlove:

Fantastic expressions and detail in this. The color scheme is so full of energy!
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Unholy fusion: ZANKRIM! Destroying obnoxious smartass boys and mutant turtles in your neighborhood!
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DAT ZIM FACE! God I love this!
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Heheh, thanks :)
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Very awesome :D
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Krang -- "Time to DESTROY the-HeyOWWW! Watch what your grabbing! That's my upper Ganglia!"

Zim -- "Silence, you mushy-faced... erm, Brain-Overlord! FORWARD! VICTORY FOR ZIIIIM!!!"

Great work, and a splendid idea! Thanks for sharing!

-- Stephen
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