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Dark Heresy: Gregan Hephastus
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Published: February 10, 2009
My current character in our Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40.000 rpg) campaign, an Imperial Psyker. His face is initially based somewhat off of a picture of the actor portraying J.F. Sebastian in the movie Blade Runner. Since I made the character, he's the look I've had in mind for Gregan.
Photoshop, Wacom, about 8 hours
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HammerinInkminer's avatar's an interesting look.
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Hello there.

Could it be possible for you to make a similarly-styled drawing of a fellow Astra Telepathica psyker? :)
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AmdurLordStudent Digital Artist
Supah Coo'
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He's also got kind of an Anthony Hopkins look going for him, doncha think?
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BluntieDKProfessional Digital Artist
Now that you say it, definately. Guessing it's the intensity of the eyes. :)
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Yes it was, and also the expression on his face.
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I love it, exactly how I would picture a sanctionned psyker if I knew how to draw :)
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dForrestHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's some fine work there. I love that you didn't try to make him "pretty".
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GAVade Digital Artist
Excellent, really like the solemn look. Nice handling on the drapery.
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NoldofinveProfessional General Artist
Superb artwork!
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Not much to say, just a great painting. Realistic, while still capturing that key 40k grimdark look.
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BluntieDKProfessional Digital Artist
Many thanks. :)
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This is the best painted psyker image I've laid eyes on yet. I absolutely love the complexion, the details, everything looks so beautifully executed. This is inspiring.

I also really like this because psykers are my favorite class to play in 40k. I'm currently playing a psyker in a dark heresy campaign. She has 28 insanity points, and 39 corruption. She has a mutation, summoned a demon once, and almost was possessed by one, which is what gave her so much corruption, and now is tainted and uses sorcery and will likely die within the next couple of games as her teamates are likely to discover she's a heretic shortly. But until then, her evil twisted ass is real fun to play. x]
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BluntieDKProfessional Digital Artist
Heheh, yeah, psykers are great fun like that. Nothing makes your mates trust you like making the walls bleed. xD
And thanks muchly. ^^
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VortaghHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Beutiful! Although it reminds me a lot more of Henry Gibson. ;-)
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ChristinaGleasonProfessional Writer
Freakin' Psykers! (That's a frequent curse amongst the Acolytes in our party, as our Psyker tends to jam our guns at very inopportune times.)

That being said, AWESOME representation!
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BluntieDKProfessional Digital Artist
Oh come now, you gotta love psykers. Nothing to pick up the mood like a bit of walls weeping blood or slithering tentacles growing from the air. And that's not even mentioning the whole head-splody thing. :D
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ChristinaGleasonProfessional Writer
Our Psyker DID manage to make it rain blood when our cleric was interrogating a prisoner, which made the GM forgo even a basic Intimidate check. I do wish he would stop sticking Post-It notes (his focus, LOL) in our mouths, though, when we get injured. They taste terrible.
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BluntieDKProfessional Digital Artist
Hahaha, just goes to show that all GM's are mad as hatters. xD
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This is so great! His eyes are amazing!
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