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Blast from the Past 1

By BluntieDK
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Part I of hopefully a series of old Works in Progress that I will finally finish.

First on the list, an ancient unfinished shot of my pirate lass Adjanah:
And here is the result! I'm very pleased with it. Was a lot of fun, not least to see the progress I've made since back then. And's always nice painting doing shots of this gal. :D
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Excellent imagery ... not enough like it!

Not a complaint or anything, but her left hand is way too big, and once seen I can't unsee it ... throws the visual balance off a bit.

Still love the whole thing  --  the pose, her look, the stance, how the boot hooks onto the reinforcing mast ring ... its great!
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Oh wow I can't believe I'm only seeing this now! Every time I come to DA I find more amazing gems like this one! Gorgeous work :)
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Super cool pirate! Love it!
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A sexy female pirate. I can't help myself. That's going straight into my pants--- I mean, my favourites. Very nice piece. Got some striking colours and enough interesting lines and angles to make it well balanced.
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You are very good! I like your style, it looks almost like an oil painting!
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Awesome and great details!
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Awesome piece!
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You're welcome :D
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Excellent! I likes very much!
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Proof that the #1 reason that Pirates are better than Ninjas...

*EVERY* day is Casual Day!
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Great piece of work ,love the detail of wood grain on the mast .Love your character and like every one else I think it 's nice that she doesn't have perfect teeth ,it adds a lot of character to the pic !
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Oh. My. Gosh. Deatailzzz. Details of doom!
How long did this take you again?
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I dunno...about 10 hours all in all I think, when counting the sketching of the old pic into it. :)
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Damn. I'm jealous. xD :heart:
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This is amazing! The clothing and the skin look so soft.
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The original has been my wallpaper for so long, I love this piece - always great inspiration for writing those sea-battles ;)

Thank you!
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Thank YOU! :) Much appreciated, buddy. Always glad to hear when my stuff is appreciated on more levels. :D
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She have RLY nasty smile... brrr...
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Sweet! I've been waiting on this one
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LOL!! I love that manical look in her eyes. Beautiful work!
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