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Thanks for peeking

Cheers for looking folks ^^ :iconmartiniplz: :iconmartiniplz: :iconmartiniplz:

This artwork is copyrighted by Blunt-Katana. Do not use or reproduce this image in any way without my permission . Any unauthorized use of this artwork will result in legal action.

Cheers :iconwineplz:
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© 2016 - 2021 Blunt-Katana
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Wonderful love the femboi sort of look x

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She'd better be real careful about waving that booty around too much. There's gonna be bite marks on it as well! :E

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Weeeellllllll depending on who's doing the biting, might not be so bad. Know what I mean? =P
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:3 congrats!!!
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very nice, & congrats on the 600k Love Clap 
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Thanks to #Cassidy for doing something that she clearly enjoyed her part in as much as I'd have enjoyed mine! :devil:
Madam, we 'Stand' at attention! Company! SALUTE!!!
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Looks like someones been naughty. ;)
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beautiful !!!  Love 
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Well looks like someone has been very good or very naaaaaaaaaaaaughty
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lol indeed somebody has =)
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Awesome dude!!!!! XD
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