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Commission: Burt Graven


This was a commission for :icontop-gun5391:
Featuring a sort of 'progression sheet' of his OC based on the game Ark Survival Evolved ^^

Artwork is property of Blunt-Katana. OC featured here  belongs to :icontop-gun5391: . Do not reproduce or use this image without either the express permission of (oc owner) or myself. Any unauthorized use of this artwork will result in legal action.

Cheers :iconwineplz:
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© 2016 - 2021 Blunt-Katana
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Mad Max or Fallout OC?
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That's bad ass XD
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epic work here
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welcome amigo^w^
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Hmmm, I like it.
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Thanks again dude this piece looks amazing. So a little backstory on the guy, his Name is Burt and he is a character I created for an Ark Evolved RP Server. A bit of a carefree southern boy who thought he could take on the world he went through a very harsh evolution over the games progression from Raptor Attacks, a Nasty Encounter with a Dragon, Lose of Friends, and War between tribes he Evolved in a Sense to a Veteran the survivor who had been on the island longest he had become a tribal leader and moved to the cold harsh north away from the craziness that seemed to plague the southern coasts. I retired the character after I had no idea where else to take him he had literally been all across the island on foot or on dino, had hunted every dinosaur and animal even the Giganotosaurus had ventured into every cave and done everything. I wanted this piece to remember one of my better characters and thanks Blunt for bringing him to life in this piece.
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I'm glad to hear you like it mate =D
Cheers for that ^^
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This  is  very nice I like  it.
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Your welcome. 
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a transformation from a young cocky man to a experience hunter
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