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Ladies of Leather by Blunt-Katana, visual art

My Bio

Made of 2% meat, 98% caffeine

It was either Art or Voodoo, and as tempting as exploiting corpses with hard labor sounds, I opted for Art. Less complicated taxes...

I also have a Patreon

and a Ko-Fi

Sorry I don't take requests, and don't ye go askin' me for points or a llama, if I'm gonna dish it I'll dish it by choice.

Favourite Visual Artist
gary larson, sergio argones, yoji shinkawa
Favourite Movies
If it's scary, I like it
Favourite TV Shows
Red vs Blue, Ghost in the Shell SAC, Black Books, Shigurui, American Dad, Zero Punctuation, Bojack Horseman
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
If I find myself bobbing my head, I like it
Favourite Books
Metro 2033, American Gods, most Stephen King and Clive Barkers
Favourite Writers
Technically I answered that above I think?
Favourite Games
From Software games, Mortal Kombats, Fallouts, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Dragon's Dogma... look there isn't enough time in my day to type ALL of 'em so lets just go with ALOT
Favourite Gaming Platform
Whatever console that doesn't piss itself and die
Tools of the Trade
G-pen 45 Graphic Tablet and Paintool SAI
Other Interests
Oh well whips, chains, latex and doubl... wait we're talking about bedroom stuff right?
Abigail sexting, Mae getting frisky with a petgirl and more! Just some of the April rewards on Patreon
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Howdy All Slots for April & May are closed. Slots are still available for June. April Slots: Slots 1: Code-Shark Slot 2: Geistis Slot 3: Fredderman Slot 4: Fantasy4Fun Slot 5: deadpoolthesecond May Slots: Slot 1: JjeanPhoenix Slot 2: Code-Shark Slot 3: Crowe-le-retour Slot 4: AzureAbe Slot 5: SorenFisticuffs June Slots Slot1: MasterSaruwatari Slot 2: Fredderman Slot 3: 2ndCityCrusader Slot 4: YoungTrigga95 Slot 5: EvilBounty
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The latest costume artwork on Patreon. Mae as a bunny girl ;)
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Hey, plz check your correspondence inbox.

I’m trying to submit your art to my group.

Happy birthday, big guy. Be happy you didn't get socks for your birthday BBiEaL - Arts and Crafters Icon

Happy Birthday! Eat cake, drink beer and be merry.

Your art looks sexy and hot even though I am a straight demisexual women by the way.