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March 18, 2018
The Awakening by Blunell
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Suggested by cosmicbound
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The Awakening

Update 9/13/2021: Hello, Instagram team!
I confirm that I sent a DMCA notice against a post that copies this artwork:…

Update 1/19/2021: Hello, 
ColoCrossing team!
I confirm that I sent a DMCA complaint through Cloudflare, Inc (which forwarded it to you), using the mailing address, regarding this URL:…

It has been brought to my attention that this image and some others were shared by several spirituality-oriented social media accounts, without my permission, and despite my clear mention at the end of their descriptions.
I want to make clear that this picture has nothing to do with actual spiritual beliefs, and isn't associated with astrology, spiritual awakening, paganism, or other New Age trends in any way.
This isn't the first time one of my works is used by such spiritual groups, to be associated with ideas and beliefs I do not share and which have nothing to do with the meaning I originally gave to the pictures. Given the proportions this case took, I now have zero tolerance towards such twisting of my pictures' purpose and intentions, especially since I made very clear, on my profile and my deviations themselves, that my work is NOT free to use. If you people can't respect this and deliberately infringe on my rights as a creator, then too bad for you. You can't say I didn't warn you all.

© Blunell. All rights reserved.
🚫 Do not use or repost my work.
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© 2017 - 2021 Blunell
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RicaSensei's avatar

This is really good! =D

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Jexa-Heinlein's avatar

This is awesome! <3

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rosiecrafts's avatar

I love this piece, your artwork is gorgeous!:)

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Thank you very much for your kind comments, I appreciate it! :)
Day-tan's avatar
Oh, that halo/aura thingy is pretty cool :3
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yainedraws's avatar
I am IN LOVE, this is so beautiful!!!! Even if you say it has no meaning, it feels really meaningful!!!!
Blunell's avatar
Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it!
SystemTechnician's avatar
Wow, blows my mind, such a most beautiful artist. Very talented. <3 Hug 
Blunell's avatar
Thank you very much for the compliment, I really appreciate it! :love:
CMarianne's avatar
This is so lovely!
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BlackenedClaw's avatar
This is stunning!!
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Jizzabel's avatar
Nice and the colors looks awesome!
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jamesritchey's avatar
It turned out really well.
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Nimbue's avatar
This is absolutely amazing....:o (Eek) Clap 
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