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June 23, 2022
Sylph-friend by Blunell
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Once again my Lalafell character, gathering lavender near Little Solace :D This time she's a botanist, which is my favorite job. And the Sylphs are my favorite tribe since I love their design and whimsy nature, I maxed them out and got the minion. (Fun fact: in the English version, their speech pattern is like "this one, that one", but in the French version, that quirk goes to the Ixali. The Sylphs are made to speak in rhymes instead.) That pic was my first idea for the FFXIV contest, but apparently crafting and gathering jobs weren't allowed, so I saved the draft for later.

I was supposed to repaint the water stream as well as the Sylphs during the week, but I couldn't find any time to do art due to some renovation work being done in my house. When I was home, the workers often needed my help, and I spent each of my evenings cleaning up the mess they left behind. Couldn't find the time or energy to work on the piece afterwards. Today I managed to spare a few hours to repaint the Sylphs and add the wind-up Sylph minion, but I'm too tired to even think about how I could make the stream look better, so... I'm giving up.

It looks a bit crowded on the left side of the image, but at least I know the overall composition is fine because I used the golden ratio (you know, that weird spiral):
Sylph-friend - Golden ratio by Blunell

Characters and overall design (c) Square Enix, please don't repost, etc.
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and personaly i like the wired form that thy use to talk with the "walking one" XD