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Kerr, the Wraith

By Blunell
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Update 1/14/2021: Hello, Pinterest Team!
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Happy Halloween, guys! :halloween: revamp Here's a spooky painting for the occasion. Meet Kerr, the wraith who haunts the marshlands northeast of Rúndawald!  

This malicious spirit can be seen roaming and cackling ominously in the misty swamps and near the abandoned castle. The lantern he carries is his crime weapon: indeed, it seems Kerr's favorite occupation consists in luring lost travelers deeper into the forest, until they die of cold or starvation (all while tormenting them, for good measure). As they're usually disoriented, these newly departed souls don't know where to go, so they tend to flock together with Kerr himself - who seized the opportunity to keep these unfortunate beings into his ghastly grip. His ever-growing collection of disembodied prisoners is one of the things he most prides himself on, the others being his fedora and his pocket watch.

Oddly enough, the first sightings of him seem to coincide with the disappearance of William Kerr, a lawyer from the nearby village who once travelled across the forest to decide a case in a remote town, never to return. Kerr neither confirmed whether he was the ghost of Mr Kerr or not, preferring his origin story to focus on how he had to inhabit a scarecrow that he found in a garden in order to assume a physical form.

Trivia: the name "Kerr" comes from the Scots word for "marshland" (itself derived from Scots Gaelic cearr meaning "wrong, awkward", and Middle Irish cerr meaning "crooked"). It also refers to the Ker, a blood-thirsty spirit from the Greek mythology that personified violent death and that was said to roam battlefields to feast on the dead.

Update: Kerr wishes to express his heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed gentlefolk of DeviantArt for bestowing upon him the honour of a Daily Deviation. *hat tip*

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Definitely deserves DD. Looks incredible with lots of detailing and love put into it.
Gotta say though, he's more cute than scary !
Blunell's avatar

Thanks a lot for your feedback! :heart: Indeed, it seems most people found him cute rather than creepy, that's cool to know! :D

Btw, may I ask how you came across this particular deviation? Was it through the DD tab, search, groups, or perhaps an external source? Cause I'm getting a steady flow of views on this one now despite the DD being 20 days old (it's been Christmas all December long for me, ngl). It's just it never happened before as the algorithm normally hates me, so I'm very curious to know where these views may come from :)

Atchen-Huntress's avatar
Just read the backstory behind him, makes him alot more creepy and awesome !

I came across it from DD. Was trying to learn the eclipse layout (been gone from da for awhile on a diff account) and pressed random buttons and found it and thought it was really good :D
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Awesome work, it was a pleasure to feature it as DD! :D

Blunell's avatar

This DD was an awesome surprise, for sure :D Thank you so much, Gene! On behalf of Kerr and all his ghostly prisoners~ :lol: Riasing Hat

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glowworm56's avatar

For a malevolent spirit, he sure is cute!

Blunell's avatar

Hehe, appearances are deceptive! :D

LindArtz's avatar

Fantastic work!! :clap: !!! Congrats on your DD!

Blunell's avatar

Thanks a lot! :D :heart:

barananduen's avatar

OMG Congratulations!!! :la: :clap: :clap: :clap:

What an awesome design and composition, and the perspective!! Also, those lights look fantastic and the lantern is so beautiful!!

Blunell's avatar

Aaah, thank you so much!! :PinkBummy: The silly design and eerie lighting were the most satisfying things to paint in this one :D

Coraleana's avatar

He looks so cool! For a creepy ghost, he sure does look fashionable. XD I love his outfit!

I really love how you shaded this, the colors, the lighting.. it all makes it look very creepy. And those spirits floating around his lantern look so awesome! :D

Blunell's avatar

Glad to hear that! :D I love to mix creepy things with a bit of silliness, so my aim was to make his outfit look so ridiculously fancy that he'd loose nearly all credibility as a ghost :lol: Thanks a lot for your kind feedback on my work, really appreciate it! :heart: :glomp:

Coraleana's avatar

You surely succeeded in that. :D

You're welcome :hug:

Blunell's avatar

Many thanks, Gene! It means a lot :D La love

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Awesome story! It would be a good one to tell around a campfire :D

Blunell's avatar

Thanks, I'm glad you think so! :D

CMgingerink's avatar

You're welcome!

Aramisdream's avatar

Impressive work! I love the colors and the lights effect! :la:

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