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In Memory of Grumpy Cat

By Blunell

Tribute to Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, aka the happiest feline the web has ever known. She passed away three days ago, at age 7.
The Internet lost one of its most iconic stars. Geeks are devastated. Memes are weeping.

RIP cutie! Grumpy Cat :heart:

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Wait did Grumpy Cat die? When did this happen?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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Yeah, she died on May 14, 2019 from a urinary tract infection :/

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I am a fan of hers, i own the TV movie Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever.

Brie Larson got her acting skills form Grumpy Cat, true story

RIP Grumpy Cat I will miss her <3


MINECRAFT turns 10! But Grumpy cat dies, was it even worth it?

A soul for a soul

MalteseFoxGirl's avatar

Someone is claiming they are you, just wanted to make sure they're telling the truth

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Ummm no, they're lying (and if anything, the fact they misspelled my username is a dead giveaway :XD:). Funny, because some circumstances led me to do a reverse image search for this particular image one week ago, and I found a lot of reposts, but this one wasn't among them.

Just added a comment linking to the original post and asking the user to remove his, we'll see how things go. Anyway, thank you very much for bringing this to my attention!

One furball who's grumpyness shakes the planet! Very beautiful!

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Haha, I like the way you put it :D And thank you for the compliment! :)

SonAmyFan362's avatar

My word, I didn’t know Tardar Sauce passed away. As I am a cat person, I have a hard time believing it.

montycrusto's avatar

There you go again, mixing humour and tenderness.. just when I’m laughing, you brought the feels... It also Helps that this is really beautifully painted.. rest in peace grumpy cat, my spirit animal. :) :(

Blunell's avatar

Thank you very much for your kind words :hug: Indeed I wanted something feelsy, but at the same time, Grumpy Cat's meme status almost required the tribute to be imbued with some silliness. (Even her owner used humour to announce the bad news). Once a meme, forever a meme ;)

montycrusto's avatar

Makes me wonder if keyboard cat and overdramatic hamster are still around.. I like the combination of silliness and feels.. it’s really appealing. Sometimes animals teach us so much about humanity. :o

NamelessSaint1's avatar

Requiescet in pace...

Ganbare-Lucifer's avatar

"So, this is heaven? I hate it."

-Tardar "Grumpy Cat" Sauce, 2012-2019

redrex96's avatar
Grumpy we will miss your Grumpiness.
SDWH's avatar
I never really knew Grumpy Cat was actually female
Until she passed away.
Age 7 seems so young...
Did she have health issues
From the way her body was?
And maybe I shouldn't be asking such a question here.

I find looking at this piece
Makes me want to stand still
With a hand over my heart
For a moment of silence
To pay my respects with. 
Blunell's avatar
Thank you for your words and respects, you're very kind :heart: Indeed, her owner said she had a urinary tract infection and that was the cause of her death.
SDWH's avatar
Awwwww. D:
Urinary tract infections are NOT fun;
I take it they are more serious for cats, eh?

This makes me think,
I had a cat myself,
Her name was Daisy.
For a long time,
She was not well.
Yet for the life of us,
We didn't know what to do
To help her;
We really couldn't pinpoint
What her problem was
And solve it.
She died in the end, too.

Just from the way the situation was,
It would be easy to guilt-trip myself;
Berate myself with things like
"Were your artistic / writing pursuits really that important
That you didn't give Daisy the loving attention she needed?!"
But I don't let myself do that.
I accept my human limitations,
And view it instead as
"Daisy is in Heaven now,
Where nothing can harm her anymore". 
Perhaps she and Grumpy Cat are playing together
As I type you this comment. ^w^
ArtsyPrism14's avatar
The saddest thing is... She died in her Owner's arms... 😢😭
NamelessSaint1's avatar

That's not sad, its humaneness.

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Beautiful work of an awesome cat!
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