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Diesel ~ Her Last Act of Bravery

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Published: November 19, 2015
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I drew this tonight as a tribute for Diesel, the dog which was killed by the terr¤rists during the attack in Saint-Denis earlier this morning.

About the picture itself:

I drew this in 2h30 (it was supposed to be a speedpaint but I've been dragging on). It's the second time I tried to do a painting-like work (the first being "Rune ~Like a Lady", which happens to be a dog painting too) and I'm satisfied with it. I created a better brush in Paint Tool SAI than the round default one mostly by messing up with the brush settings which has a very soft painterly feel: it helps a bit when you want to do realistic flesh or fur.

I wanted the dog to looks proud, yet slightly sad. I painted smoke around her in a way reminiscent of the bombs and shots, and I added soft tints of blue, white and red in her eyes, fur and smoke as a reminder of the French flag.

About the meaning behind the picture:

I know what some of you will be thinking: "Wait dude, you didn't draw anything for the several hundreds of victims of the attacks in Paris last week; BUT one doggie dies while doing his job and you whine about it. Seriously?"
I know it can seem ridiculous. But:

1) When the attacks in Paris occurred, I've been KO'd by a severe migraine attack. So I learned about the events the day after when it soothed a bit; and then, I couldn't spend hours in front of my screen drawing, so I left a short journal instead. Not a big deal though, because many deviants actually did some beautiful works. Just search #PrayforParis and you'll see some excellent and emotional pieces of art.

2) Now I feel slightly better; and as soon as I learned about this well-trained dog having been sent in the flat in search of weapons and having been shot dead right after she entered the room, I felt both sad and angry.
Why? Maybe we humans are stupid and mean enough to start plenty of wars here and there for utterly idiotic reasons (most of the time), a behavior which cause endless pain and massive destruction. So do we really have to get animals involved?
I know police dogs are really helpful when it comes to protecting people in sensitives or risky situations, or searching for drugs, weapons, missing children, or even cancer cells. I encourage the police to train them for these good purposes.
But according to what I heard from the news, the dog had been sent in the flat where the terr¤rists were hidden (and heavily armed), to search for the weapons... to be killed immediately when the men saw her. The RAID should have expected that the men wouldn't let the dog live in the same room more than 1 second, so why did they send her in? While she would've been much more useful with the cops, where she could've protected them!
To me (and my mother, who's a true animals lover, agrees with me), sending the dog in so she could meet the attackers was like sending her to death, literally. I can somewhat understand the emotional wave which is starting to flood the medias.

Wars, pollution, deforestation, in-vitro test for cosmetics and medicine...
It saddens me that even the animals have to pay the price for every calamity mankind brings to this world.

So yeah. Her name was Diesel, she was a 7 year-old Malinois trained for serving the French RAID.
She was shot by one of the terrorists the first second she met them, and immediately returned to her master to die at his feet.

Congratulations to the members of the RAID and to the police. I reiterate my condolences to all the victims and their families.
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