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This is so me right now. My eyelids are like rocks. :slow:

Night y'all.
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I'm tired as a bitch right now... I've been up from 7 PM-7:15 AM. D:
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This is too awesome. Such great animation!!! :heart:
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LOL, awesome! :iconsocuteplz: i am soooo like that guy right now :XD:
maybe you should make a plz account with it? ;p

ok, good night... :iconsleepyplz:
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That is so me in the morning when I wake up at 5:45 am to get the school bus :paranoid: !! Seriously I m not a morning person! :rofl:

EPIC even though u were sleepy u still did this, I could never do that! Really EPIC! :D
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This is exactly me, I only got one hour of sleep last night! :noes:
Really well done
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I love this little guy :giggle:
Is the emote in zikes? :flirty:
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I feel so identified with this little guy... faved :nod:
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XD I'm sure a billion people could use this XD
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nighty after watching this I fell so tired now. :D
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I feel exactly like that. :P

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Great emote! The animation is smooth and I can so relate to how he's feeling :giggle: Not right now of course, but during a boring class or long day at work... oh yeah :nod:
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Awesome shading, and awesome motions. Nice work, it was well worth the tiredness! :lol:.
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HAH me during finals week!

:heart: it!
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Oh gawd, the eyes look so exhausted :nod:
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Great job with the shadows around the eyes. It looks like me on a Monday. :noes:
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Aww it looks like a mad drunk man :giggle:
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Lolz, this made me look at my friend beside me who was sleeping just a while ago.....
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Heh. Good night. :P
I've got two weeks of nothing ahead of me, so I can sleep all I want. =P
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awww, cute!! XD hehe nice job on this!
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so cute.... i love it :D
:clap: awesome job
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