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I was wandering around `snowmask's front page, and found a comment of hers, saying that ":ponder: should be an emote."

Ta da!

Edit: Thanks to ~M-D-K-II for the beard tip.
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look extremlys smooth I like the expression fantastic work on it. :D
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That emote could indeed be very, very usefull, and you pulled it off extremely well! :nod:
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Yes! just what I was looking for! I shall use him/her/it often...
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Nice emote! :w00t:
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While he's hand is on right he should "scrape" his right cheek.

//sorry for english.
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No need to apologise, I know what you mean. His hand should scratch his chin when it's to the right. Sounds like a plan!
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Pondering is fun. :D
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Aww look at him ponder his little emote brain out :aww:

(First I thought he was scratching somewhere else :XD: )
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lol, cute :D
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Looks MIGHTY suspicious there... :paranoid:
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Looks like the prequel to :itch:.
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AAWWW.....CUTTE!! :glomp:
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like the eyes - has the ponder look :D
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I think you ought to add a few more frames to the chin rubbing, but it's perfect other than that!
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