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:frustrated: revamp

See, ~ButterSandwich? Not too hard. :B

Revamp of :frustrated:.
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how did you get it on the media thing?
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frustratedVs.:frustrated: revamp
 Origin     Revamp
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HI :D Just wanted to let you know that I used your icon here [link] Thank u :thanks:
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I never even realised he was pulling out his hair until I saw this emote :lmao:
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Yeah little emote, I know how you feel. Very well done, this is really great!
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Did you know I had a revamp contest with this emote? :noes:
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Wanna enter with this piece? :3
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:B kay. What's the link?
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Best profile g.i.f ever. XD I'M MAKING A BOOP NOISE!
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Just to let you know that this emoticon has been featured in this week's volume of So i herd i liek emotes?? :aww:
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wow i can feel the pain :fear:
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Hehe, awesome. I much prefer this to the original.
I love the animation of the clumps of hair being ripped out. <:
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Love the hair :iconsecretplz:
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really nicely done dear.
it sure is a great revamp. ;)

How are you?
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He sure has a lot of hair! :lol:

It's a great revamp! :frustrated:
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:frustrated:Nice work, look a lot better than the original one :frustrated:
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lol i love it way better then the original
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i like yours better can you make it have red hair and make it an icon? id love to use it as an icon!
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Haha! I love the little piles of hair. Wow, that sounds weird. >.>

But I hate those arms in the old one. They're gross. D:
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