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October 14, 2009
The great shading, flawless animation and awesome use of expression in :excited: revamp... again. by `brokenboulevard combine to make an adorable emoticon that is sure to brighten up any online conversation
Featured by Synfull
Suggested by Sinister-Starfeesh
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:excited: revamp... again.

It's a revamp of a revamp of a revamp! :B This lil' blob's predecessor is here and the original revamp is here, all of which as stemmed from the original emote, :excited:.

This version has one fewer action than the other one did, and takes less time to get going.

For Nilli. :D
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LadyVedder's avatar
It's freaking adorable!
Phlum's avatar
Hope that this emote replaces :excited:.
Wooded-Wolf's avatar
I love this emote - Sini introduced me to it and now I use it too much :B
SoulTwo's avatar
can you like... use it? :-?
I-glomp-u's avatar
:lol: This is so cute^^ you've probably heard this already but it REALLY needs a plz account
ShadowFlame12's avatar
LOL i was just looking at this earlier today... but isnt it ur 3rd DD? Lucky...
blunaowl's avatar
Something like that. They tend not to hold the same appeal after you've gotten loads. :lol: There are a few people with multiple DDs though.
BatmanWithBunnyEars's avatar
Nice! You should do a plz account for this. :iconbreakdanceplz: :iconexplodeplz:
BlossomFlowerWarrior's avatar
Phlum's avatar
I fourth it. *jumpsonbandwagon*
Lan-Hikari's avatar
Aww... That look so cute! I just want to cuddle it. :cuddle: and :love:
wolfystar's avatar
emmiwish's avatar
The-Tabby-Cat's avatar
This is so cute and adorable, that I d'awwed out loud.

And let me tell you, that really happens.

Congrats on the DD!
SoulTwo's avatar
pahahahaha! he's so hilarious! :lmao: :rofl:
VaniellaSky's avatar
Lol i love these little things..if they have names lol
junebug493's avatar
VaniellaSky's avatar
Lol yes thats the word
junebug493's avatar
woohoo, i feel smart! ^^
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