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Yandere OC: Ai Miniel by BluexXxRabbit2015 Yandere OC: Ai Miniel by BluexXxRabbit2015
Painted this two days ago. I've had Ai for a while. Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) inspired me to create my own yandere character. Ai is the product of that inspiration and her love interest is my friend's oc named Rosho hence the name in the picture. The picture is my own version of a scene from Mirai Nikki when Yuno Gasai said she would protect him. However Ai's origin is a little different. 

Her first name is obviously "Love" in Japanese but her last name is what I most recently came up with. In one rp, a Naruto au rp, Ai's race is a fallen angel. As I was searching for a last name in a list of angels I noticed Miniel. Miniel is the angel of love and when invoked can help you achieve love. However Miniel cannot make someone fall in love with you but rather can make your spirit glow so that your interest may take notice of you. Miniel punishes those who smother and are possessive of their loved one because Miniel teaches to share and be open with your love. The complete opposite of what Ai is. 
Because Ai is (sometimes depending on the rp) a fallen angel I was thinking she could be Miniel himself who has fallen but seeing as Miniel is a man I was thinking she may be the Darkness that was cast away from Miniel's body since she is everything opposite of Miniel but she doesn't seek lust. What do you think? Also I do not own Mirai Nikki. Credit for the pose goes to Mirai Nikki and it's creator. 

Also this is my first time painting an anime character rather than using colored pencil like I usually do. How is it? I was hoping to do this more often since water color (to me at least) gives a cleaner finish that colored pencil and is easier to blend. Opinion?
Timthenonartist Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016
I love this one
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