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Xehanort Genderbend: The Dark Dancer by BluexXxRabbit2015 Xehanort Genderbend: The Dark Dancer by BluexXxRabbit2015
Just to clarify, this is not exactly Master Xehanort. Although she is slightly older than young Xehanort. She's about 22-27 in age. I've been wanting to show you guys my idea of Xehanort as a belly dancer. Originally a Shantae/KH crossover idea I had. My first design was shit but I love how I was able to base this off of Master Xehanort's clothes. 

As for the Materials I was able to test out my first pack of Chameleon Pens. I couldn't afford the 22 deluxe pack with the fineliner and blender pen so I was able to buy the skin tone set. I have to say, these markers are super fun to work with. As much as I would love to five you a full detailed review if these markers it will have to wait until I get my hands on the 22 deluxe set. Before I give any sort of review I would like to go into creating a drawing with more colors and be able to use the blender pen. 
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September 19, 2016
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