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Classroom Doodles 4 by BluexXxRabbit2015 Classroom Doodles 4 by BluexXxRabbit2015
This was originally going to be 3 but I needed to fix it up a lot more.

This is ANOTHER of Akina's children. Her name is Raven. Raven, I'm still coming up with a design. Her hair is black it's not just the ink.

Raven is the oldest of Akina's children but takes her style from the modern era. Raven is a witch, but a very mysterious one. Her mother sees her maybe once a year. Raven lives a secluded life. I forgot to add the stitches to her arm. She lost her left arm after an event once.

Raven very much likes the dark arts. Her familiars are cats and the bird ravens. I'm still deciding her specialty in magic but it is one of the darker and more forbidden magics. She gets this from her father, a warlock that adores her and served her mother a very long time ago.

Akina and the father live separate lives due to the spark in their relationship fading. Nevertheless they are good friends and they both love Raven very much.

Raven is a flighty personality despite her gloom and doom sense of style. She enjoys taking risks and adventuring alone with her sister Sapphire. She enjoys animals, exploring, and practicing her craft. She visits her mentor Hekate the most.

I am still deciding her race. I want her to be half human but her appearance doesn't look over 900 years old and her father is still alive.
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February 15, 2017
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